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I lead a glamorous, exciting, emotional, romantic, tortured, optimistic life. I travel the world and I travel inside my heart. I wrestle with Fate and I embrace gratitude as my touchstone.

I am a book reviewer.

My life welcomes worlds and emotions cultivated within the souls of authors.

From Lisa N. Edwards, I begin to accept the truth that you Can’t Fight Fate. Yet, I am not a hostage to Fate. I don’t surrender myself. I learn from my mistakes. I grow in my resiliency. Chasing Butterflies may be a goal, but I respect their desire to soar free to explore their dreams, as I explore mine.

From Tracie Banister, I celebrate the special gift of being a twin. I marvel at the uniqueness of me. Neither is mutually exclusive. Like Willa and Sloane in Twin Piques, life as a twin means you have a genetic soul mate to face life’s challenges. You are recruited into a special, marvelous club.

I get to see Miami in all of its glory. Like an eager voyeur, I watch Dr. Pilar Alvarez balance her career as a psychologist, play referee between her mother Luisa and sister Izzy as well as ponder a possible romance. Books are my therapy. We all are In Need of Therapy.

Hollywood may be paved in gold. But it is also paved in envy, doubt and betrayal. At the end of the day do you assign responsibility for your shortcomings on others? Or, do you Blame It On The Fame?

I think it’s best to take a page out of Charli McAntic’s book. Learn from The Golden Age of Charli. Jena C. Henry was right! Let gratitude for each new day inspire optimism. Practice persistence and “press on” through the difficulties. Open up the chapter of retirement as a new beginning full of endless possibilities. And when weight, in whatever form, impinge upon your sense of well-being, reach inside yourself and seek to discover the best you can be.

Every Cinderella needs her Prince Charming. But there is no fairytale while imprisoned in a gilded cage. Eyes clouded by romantic ideals are blinded to the possibility of new discoveries. All Because of You, well, All Because of Nikki LeClair, a reader will listen with her heart. Unlike Phoebe Mercer in Haunting Me, we don’t have the sage advice of a ghost like Edie Edwards to guide us.

Maybe we can find love and happiness in Dating An Alien Pop Star! Life certainly wouldn’t be boring as Kendra L. Saunders revealed. This book reviewer found nothing alien about the emotional depth of Kendra’s writing. She knows how to write characters. She knows how to write plots. She looks into the hearts of readers, and through her writing guarantees us that she understands.

I am a book reviewer. I travel through the noise and confusion of life down the many roads so far of my destiny. Books allow me to carry on!


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