Interview with #MixingItUp author @traciebanister via @tdmiller820917

Tracie Banister is the author of Twin Piques, In Need Of Therapy, Blame It On The Fame and Mixing It Up. The hallmark of Tracie’s books are that they depict strong women navigating family, friends, career and often romance. Banister’s humorous and realistic dialogue make her characters accessible to readers. While her work is in the Chick Lit genre, Banister writes books that have universal appeal regardless of gender. Her latest book, Mixing It Up, will be released on October 19th. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing her about Mixing It Up. Read what she had to say below:

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@BigMoBook @NikkiL_Books Celebrate #NationalReadABookDay via @tdmiller820917

Today is National Read A Book Day! Since I’m an unapologetic book lover and passionate book reviewer, this is my kind of celebration! I would make it a legal holiday, if I could, just like my birthday is a legal holiday. Well, my birthday is July 4th and it was a legal holiday before I was born, but I digress. My point is…I LOVE books. I can constantly be found on social media posting the numerous book reviews that I’ve written. I’ve written 60 book reviews so far in 2016. In addition, since I am now a published author myself, my love for books has taken on a new and even more appreciative dynamic. I’m extremely proud to belong to the published authors club.

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Book Review: In Need of Therapy by @traciebanister via @tdmiller820917

The thing about Tracie Banister is that she has seasoned to perfection the recipe for writing an enticing book: engaging, informative but not preachy, marvelously well developed and accessible characters, descriptive elegance and humorous dialogue. Mix these ingredients well and the reader is fortunate to experience a memorable and emotionally  satisfying meal!

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@LisaNEdwards @traciebanister @BigMoBook A Thank You Letter to Authors via @tdmiller820917

I make no secret about how much of a privilege I feel about being a book reviewer for The Nerdy Girl Express. I am constantly amazed by the incredible writing talent and the skill it takes to translate the seeds of one’s imagination into a book that stirs the hearts of readers. The Nerdy Girl Express allows me to share my thoughts on these books with other readers. The icing on the delightful creative cake is that I am also able to interview many of these authors that inspire me in my own creative pursuits. Because of your example, I have joined your ranks by publishing my own poetry books. I am now a published author too because you set the path of my journey. I can’t thank you enough.

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