@LisaNEdwards @traciebanister @BigMoBook A Thank You Letter to Authors via @tdmiller820917

I make no secret about how much of a privilege I feel about being a book reviewer for The Nerdy Girl Express. I am constantly amazed by the incredible writing talent and the skill it takes to translate the seeds of one’s imagination into a book that stirs the hearts of readers. The Nerdy Girl Express allows me to share my thoughts on these books with other readers. The icing on the delightful creative cake is that I am also able to interview many of these authors that inspire me in my own creative pursuits. Because of your example, I have joined your ranks by publishing my own poetry books. I am now a published author too because you set the path of my journey. I can’t thank you enough.

I thank Lisa N. Edwards. I thank Lisa for Can’t Fight Fate, Chasing Butterflies and the upcoming book Seed of A Sunflower. I thank Lisa for giving us Nikki. I thank Lisa for writing characters who are strong yet flawed. I thank Lisa for the positive message that her books convey. It is true, we can’t fight fate. But we can learn from the challenges discovered on the road towards our destinies.

I thank Tracie Banister. I thank Tracie for Twin Piques, In Need of Therapy and Blame It On The Fame. I thank Tracie for the characters and plots that we as readers have gratefully embraced. I thank Tracie for Willa, Sloane, Pilar, Izzy, Danielle, Anaya, Philippa, Jordan, Laurel, Gavin, Miles and all of the characters whose intelligence, compassion, loyalty and humor reflect the best parts of us all.

I thank Megan Padalecki. I thank Megan for Big Mo. I thank Megan for feeding her imagination and for her writing and illustrative talents in giving the world Big Mo, a lovable and flawed pet iguana who is unable to control his insatiable appetite. Big Mo’s journey is one of self-discovery. We all must learn how to reconcile our own interests in favor of the big picture: preserving the beauty of the Earth’s natural resources. I thank Megan who courageously took a leap of faith from architect to author. After going to law school and spending 30 years working for law firms, I recently took my own leap of faith by becoming a full time writer. Thank you Megan for inspiring me to do so.

I also must give thanks to television show creator Joey Adams. I thank Joey for creating Internity. I thank Joey for his creativity, his writing talent and his courage in wanting to expose television viewers to an ingenious show where the lead character is a middle-aged woman. I thank Joey for willing to think outside of the long held, youth obsessed advertising model.

I thank Allison Maruska. I thank Allison for The Fourth Descendant, Drake and The Fliers and Project Renovatio. The worlds that you create through your writing talent break the barriers of time and space. The science fiction elements accentuate many of the attributes that are a part of the human condition: love, compassion and courage, to name a few.

I thank Kara Piazza. You give so much to writers through your own talent and with the wealth of advice you so graciously share. Readers will soon enjoy The Maladroit. This book is certain to be a treasure.

I thank Kendra L. Saunders. I thank Kendra for Dating An Alien Pop Star. By giving readers Daisy, Griffin and Devon, you have effortlessly weaved a tapestry of fictional excellence. With the ingredients of science fiction, romance, humor and political intrigue, you have served a satisfying and delicious meal for appreciative readers.

I thank Nikki Leclair. I thank Nikki for Haunting Me. I thank Nikki for Phoebe and Edie. Your writing skill is phenomenal. You have expanded the theme of a ghost story into a tale of the resiliency of the human spirit( pardon the pun).

I thank Felicia Day. I thank Felicia for You’re Never Weird on The Internet (Almost).  I thank Felicia for teaching us to look into the mirror and to realize that our uniqueness is something to embrace. I thank Felicia for her unapologetic appreciation of what it means to be a nerd. For every kid who was bullied for being different, I thank Felicia for showing that being different is a strength not a weakness.

These are but a small sampling of the creative genius of gifted authors.

I am a poet and a book reviewer. I am grateful to authors. I can’t thank you enough!

3 thoughts on “@LisaNEdwards @traciebanister @BigMoBook A Thank You Letter to Authors via @tdmiller820917

  1. I like this. As a book reviewer it is not only important to alert new readers to new treasures but to take the time to acknowledge the authors as well, which you’ve done here.


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