@writingpiazza Book Review: The Maladroit by Kara Piazza via @tdmiller820917

The word maladroit is defined as “inept, ineffective or clumsy.” But there is certainly nothing inept, ineffective or clumsy about Kara Piazza’s debut novel, The Maladroit. Rather, the words that spring to my mind after reading this book are “well-written, engaging, suspenseful.” Piazza has succeeded in creating realistic characters confronted by unimaginable situations. The result is a story that tests the resiliency of the human spirit to survive extraordinary conditions. Add a lovable maladroit into the equation and you have a recipe for fictional excellence.

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@LisaNEdwards @traciebanister @BigMoBook A Thank You Letter to Authors via @tdmiller820917

I make no secret about how much of a privilege I feel about being a book reviewer for The Nerdy Girl Express. I am constantly amazed by the incredible writing talent and the skill it takes to translate the seeds of one’s imagination into a book that stirs the hearts of readers. The Nerdy Girl Express allows me to share my thoughts on these books with other readers. The icing on the delightful creative cake is that I am also able to interview many of these authors that inspire me in my own creative pursuits. Because of your example, I have joined your ranks by publishing my own poetry books. I am now a published author too because you set the path of my journey. I can’t thank you enough.

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Interview With Author Kara Piazza via @tdmiller820917 @writingpiazza

Kara Piazza is a talented writer. Her website, thewritingpiazza.com , is full of short stories and invaluable writing advice. Her book, The Maladroit, will soon be released.  I recently spoke with Kara about her writing, those writers who inspire, and the challenges of publishing. Read what she had to say below.

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