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Lisa N. Edwards is a creative lady who wears many hats. She is a novelist, screenwriter, producer, actress and presenter. Her screenplay, LIMBO,is an award-winning endeavor. Her books, Can’t Fight Fate and Chasing Butterflies, are an inspirational exploration of pre destiny. The third book in this trilogy, Seed of A Sunflower, will be released this year. I recently spoke with her about her various projects.  Read what she had to say below.

Your books Can’t Fight Fate and Chasing Butterflies follow lawyer Nikki Kirkpatrick as she searches for her green eyed soul mate foretold by psychics. The last book in this trilogy, Seed of  Sunflower, has an upcoming release.

In what ways has Nikki grown in Seed of A Sunflower from your earlier books?

“I think she is starting to realize that she’s in control of her life and that she doesn’t need to give that control to anyone else. She can make herself happy and that no one else has that power.  That’s kinda what I’m trying to do with her.  She’s starting to wake up to the fact that when something is not right, it doesn’t feel right so she doesn’t pursue it further.”

If you could give Nikki advice, what would you say?

“I would say not to put so much faith in what the psychics have told her. Don’t live your life by it. Just live your life. You can’t control what happens.  When it happens and if it’s going to happen, it’s fate.  You can’t control that.”

Are there any of your own personality traits that you bring to Nikki?

“There’s lots and lots (of my own personality that I bring to Nikki). I’m the clumsiest person in the world (laughs).  If you’re even in a restaurant with me, you’ll know that I drop stuff on my shirt when I shouldn’t or I’ll knock someone’s drink over. I’m that part of her. I trip over my own feet. Also, she’s loyal. Having that caring quality is a good thing.”

What routines do you follow that you feel help with your writing process?

“I try to write every day.  I get up, get my kids ready for school.  I jump on the elliptical which clears my mind completely and while I’m on there, I have ideas.  I have my phone with me so I write those ideas down and they shape what I’m going to write for that day. I jump in the shower, get myself dressed and write while my kids are in school.  All of those ideas that I put together while on the elliptical kind of make sense when I’m writing.  When I write, I don’t write in order.  I see where the book is going and I write whatever is my mood that day. I’ve written the ending of my books.  Then I’ll write the middle of it if I ever get…I wouldn’t say stuck…but if there’s a piece that I don’t want to write on that day, I’ll feel the emotion.  If I don’t want to write on that day, I’ll write something else. I know where the story is going in my mind. That’s why I don’t get what people call writer’s block.”

You are also an actress. Do you feel that being an actress has helped you as a writer?

“I would think definitely especially the dialogue part of it. I think it flows more naturally. It’s easier to construct that area of the books. I do have to pull myself back sometimes so it doesn’t sound too much like a script.”

Last time we spoke, we talked about your screenplay LIMBO.  Are there any new developments that you can share?

” I flew to America about six weeks ago and I managed to get LIMBO into the hands of James Franco. He’s got a very busy schedule. It’s just waiting on him now to read it.  He said when I saw him he would and I believe that he’s a man of his word and I believe that he’s a man of his word. So it’s just a waiting game. Screenplays take a long time on average up to seven years before they get made.”

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