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So Many Angels: A Family Crisis and the Community That Got Us Through It is the story of author Diane Stelfox Cook and her family’s journey forward after something completely unexpected happened to them. One night while with her two sons she receives a call from her husband that throws her world into turmoil. From that moment things just seem to get worse, but she and her family are never alone. In this story of strength, Cook shares how her community rallied around her and her boys in the moment they needed someone most.

While home one day with her boys and one of their friends, Cook receives a call from her husband Jed saying that he has been arrested for soliciting a minor male for sex. In that moment she feels as though she is going to be sick and focuses on taking the boy’s friend home. Then as the boys cope, not with the initial knowledge, but with their father being gone, she informed him that they’d had a fight and that was why he wasn’t there, she copes with the influx of knowledge about the case surrounding her husband. Even though she had hoped to protect them the story can’t be kept secret, especially once the media takes notice. As she moves through this story she also shares other moments in her life where she had wished for community to help her through dark moments. As she shares the struggles she and her family went through following her husband’s arrest she presents each of the angels that helped them through.

Cook’s story is both heartbreaking and heartwarming. She has to balance helping her two sons get through this, with her own feelings of loss and strain. Even once Jed is released, she isn’t sure what to do, but still finds a way to be there. When she finds herself diagnosed with MS, multiple sclerosis, she still wants to make sure she is there for her kids. Throughout everything the people around them do their best to help them through. Her doctor does her best to remain positive and friends take care of the boys and help them to provide their mom with a little bit of pampering. This story, though full of downs, is one ultimately of happiness and light. Cook pushes through and makes a way for her family to survive, with the help of those who love her and her boys. No matter what happens her support network is there to help her through it all. You can get your copy of So Many Angels: A Family Crisis and the Community That Got Us Through It in September, but you can pre-order it today.

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One thought on “So Many Angels Book Review from @kleffnotes

  1. Indeed!!
    Heartbreaking and Heartwarming.
    Well written and both forthright and discretional.
    A sensible, courageous, smart and likable woman.
    I suspect in the future others will find it helpful to strategize when bad things happen…to a good person


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