Burn Before Reading Book Reading ( @captainameripug ) from @kleffnotes

Carly Allen thought she was fine after her breakup with her girlfriend Emma, but one day when she sees a pigs in party hats kids book everything comes flooding in. The wall she built to show the world she was doing fine crumbles and she falls into an Oreo and Taylor Swift spiral. With senior year starting her best friend pushes her to go out and enjoy things, which also includes slightly chaperoning a date that leads to a headbutting meet cute. Carly isn’t sure if she should already be crushing, but here she is with a maybe new crush and having to make some tough decisions about what to do after high school. Burn Before Reading is the kind of story that you will feel is made just for you and Carly’s narration will draw you in from the start like a friend sharing their secrets with you. Continue reading “Burn Before Reading Book Reading ( @captainameripug ) from @kleffnotes”

American Yakuza Book Review ( @SapphireBooks ) from @kleffnotes

American Yakuza is the first novel in a series focused on Luce Potter, who happens to be not just a high powered corporate woman, but also the new leader of the Yakuza. Though her grandfather is still alive he has chosen to pass on his title of Oyabun. In this role she must make life and death decisions that impact an entire organization, while also maintaining her image has a legal business owner. Brooke Erickson was an investigative journalist who now works at a financial magazine, but when her editor decides she is the best fit for an article about Luce that she finds herself drawn into a web she thought she had escaped from when she returned to the states. Continue reading “American Yakuza Book Review ( @SapphireBooks ) from @kleffnotes”

Fur and Fangs Book Review ( @RaeDMagdon @DesertPalmPress ) from @kleffnotes

Riley is a people watcher and that desire to see lots of interesting passersby was one of the reasons she felt drawn to New York City. The hustle and bustle is not just your average collection of locals and tourists, but is rather a hodgepodge of humans and supernatural creatures, one of whom is Riley. That’s right Riley is a werewolf and one morning on her way to work she catches sight of a vampire that takes her breath away, Izzy. After hemming and hawing for a couple days she finally works up the courage to approach this vibrant vampire and sparks start to fly from the start in Fur and Fangs. Continue reading “Fur and Fangs Book Review ( @RaeDMagdon @DesertPalmPress ) from @kleffnotes”

The Secret of Sleepy Hollow Book Review ( @YlvaPublishing @andimarquette ) from @kleffnotes

The Secret of Sleepy Hollow is an inventive retelling of Washington Irving’s well known legend with an additional romantic twist. I love the original story and this isn’t the first retelling I have chosen to read, but I will say this one is now my current favorite. When Abby Crane, a descendant of the same Crane family as the long ago missing Ichabod, is researching the history of Sleepy Hollow and in order to do that she needs to make a trip to the town. On her first night there she bumps into a young woman who catches her eye. When the two meet again over boxes of materials connected to the Van Tassels they decide to share time together sharing their love for the lore of Sleepy Hollow and as they chat they begin to realize secrets that have been long hidden in the letters of Katrina Van Tassel. Continue reading “The Secret of Sleepy Hollow Book Review ( @YlvaPublishing @andimarquette ) from @kleffnotes”

One-Hour Special, Law And Addiction, Featuring Novelist and Lawyer Mike Papantonio to Begin Airing on May 31, 2019 Press Release

A one-hour special featuring attorney Mike Papantonio, author of LAW AND ADDICTION, will begin airing on May 31, 2019 on Detroit Public Television.  The groundbreaking show, also titled Law and Addiction, focuses on the causes and potential remedies of America’s opioid epidemic.  After … Continue reading One-Hour Special, Law And Addiction, Featuring Novelist and Lawyer Mike Papantonio to Begin Airing on May 31, 2019 Press Release

Zenobia July Book Review from @kleffnotes

Middle school can be hard, especially when you’re the new kid. Zenobia July is a recent Arizona transplant in Portland, Maine after being adopted by her aunts. Raised in a small town by a religious family, Zenobia finds herself struggling with her new life though not just because of the move and new family dynamic. This is the first time in her life Zenobia is able to actually live as a girl. Her new school gives her a chance to live her new and true life, but even knowing who she is and wanting to express that every day, doesn’t mean that this new life is easy. On top of trying to make friends and finding her way in a new social environment, Zenobia finds herself needing to use her impressive tech skills to find out who is posting awful things on the school’s website. Lisa Bunker’s Zenobia July is a sweet and emotional read that is perfect for young readers and personally is a story that I think even adult readers can benefit from. Continue reading “Zenobia July Book Review from @kleffnotes”

Forsaken Book Review ( @boldstrokebooks ) from @kleffnotes

Summer vacation is one of the few times that Blake Campbell is pushed outside of her comfort zone and tries to socialize with other people. Her anxiety often pushes her to seek out isolation, but her best friend Krystal tries to find ways to get her out of her house and out of her head. After a bit of subterfuge, Krystal takes Blake to a well known lesbian bar in an attempt to help her build community outside of their friendship. When Blake meets Lindsay Duvall she finds herself wanting to spend more time with her and career focused Lindsay who has a reputation as a bit of a player also feels a desire to spend as much time with Blake as possible. When a terrible crime occurs Blake will be pushed even farther than she has ever been pushed before, while Lindsay will have to weigh her feelings for Blake against her quest to become a Texas Ranger in the pages of Forsaken. Continue reading “Forsaken Book Review ( @boldstrokebooks ) from @kleffnotes”

In the Silences Book Review ( @bellabooks @RachelGold )from @kleffnotes

When Aisha moves to Kaz’s neighborhood the two strike up an immediate friendship through their dogs. When Aisha learns Kaz’s dog is named Wolverine she immediately asks if the namesake is Logan or Laura. This X-Men reference leads the two to bond over comics and this blossoms into a deep connection. Kaz’s feelings for Aisha begin to evolve, but just telling her isn’t easy. While Aisha grew up in L.A. and has been out since she was a pre-teen, Kaz is struggling not with sexuality, but with gender. In the Silences takes a friendship and creates a story that examines gender stereotypes, racism, and sexism and the impact it can have no matter where you live. Continue reading “In the Silences Book Review ( @bellabooks @RachelGold )from @kleffnotes”

The Girl on the Edge of Summer Book Review ( @boldstrokebooks )from @kleffnotes

Micky Knight is a New Orleans PI who agrees to not one, but two cases that she knows are going to be difficult cases. In The Girl on the Edge of Summer Knight will delve into the dark secrets of a teenage girl who committed suicide and a murder that took place over a century ago. While these two cases might not be officially related the evils of society echo back through the years and show just how far someone can go before they break. Continue reading “The Girl on the Edge of Summer Book Review ( @boldstrokebooks )from @kleffnotes”