Preternatural: Evolution Book Review from @kleffnotes

The Preternatural Trilogy has a second book releasing on April 15th and in preparation for the release I wanted to share how this new story ties into the first book. The series focuses on the town of Meadowsville, which is home of the most popular urban myth figure, Mr. Smith. This vampire like entity rules over the town through slaughter and upholding long standing traditions that maintain his control over the town. When an unlikely alliance is made to combat the threat of this monster the town and everyone there is changed forever.

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Love Odyssey Book Review from @kleffnotes

The second book in the Transylvanian Trilogy, Love Odyssey, releases tomorrow and before the book releases I wanted to share my thoughts. This historical fiction book started off strong and this second book continues to add to the powerful story of Anca. I should lead by saying that this is a series where it is best if you read the preceding book first before you check out this new addition.

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Inhuman Book Review from @kleffnotes

Inhuman is the debut novel by veteran Eric Leland who took his positive attitude and his own knowledge has been able to create a story that is full of realistic characters and elements that will really draw in readers. With a story that is set in South Vietnam in the year 1969 readers will be transported back in time. While you feel immersed in the true life elements of this story the supernatural will excite you and add a sense of the unknown to what you are reading.

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Cape Nome Book Review from @kleffnotes

Cape Nome is the second book in The Alaskan Adventures of Percy Hope series by Neil Gordon. I have previously reviewed the first book in the series and was curious about the continued adventures of the main character. This second book picks up two years after the events of the first in the the now flourishing city of Cape Nome, Alaska.

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Facets of April Book Review from @kleffnotes

Facets of April is a science fiction inspired read set after the melting of the polar ice caps known as The Thaw. The Corporations took over the flooded zones and created virtual utopias over the great cities of the past. With the past hidden beneath the waves a new society has evolved. April Yates is starting a new chapter in her life and while she thought starting college would be the biggest change, something happens that is even more life altering.

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Worldship Files: Morrigan Book Review from @kleffnotes

The Worldship Files is back with a new book in the series, Worldship Files: Morrigan. For those who might have missed my other reviews, this is a mystical and science fiction blended story. When the world was threatened by destruction from the expanding sun the preternatural races joined together with humans to create a Worldship, Leviathan, which took them one thousand years to build. With so many different types of civilizations living together there are often tensions and mysterious events to be solved.

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Sparo Rising: Blade of Wexbury Book Review from @kleffnotes

If you haven’t read any of my previous Techromancy Scrolls reviews I definitely urge you to go check those our before you delve into this one. That series just ended, but while the base story may be done Erik Schubach is now devoting some time to adding some more details to characters that were not as central to the original plot. The Sparo Rising series is a spinoff focused on a side character in a standalone story. You wouldn’t need to read the original series to understand this new series, but I highly recommend it.

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Techromancy Scrolls: Colossus Book Review from @kleffnotes

The final book in the Techromancy Scrolls series is out and as someone who has loved this series, I am sad to see it end. I though know there is still hope, there is more to come after this series, but I will hold it in and save all my emotions for the detailed portion of the Techromancy Scrolls: Colossus review.

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Virtual Mirrors Series Review from @kleffnotes

Virtual Mirrors is a five part series by Crystal Raven, which is the Avatar of renowned healer Adora Winquist. She has an innate desire to be a guiding force in the awakening of the Divine Feminine by encouraging women on a global level to find new levels of personal empowerment. In the Virtual Mirrors series she infuses realism into her writing in order to create what she feels is a truly authentic story for her lead character Gemma. As we follow the journey of this character throughout the series we are shown her growth out of the repression of the technologically dominated society she lives in.

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Kingdom of Ink and Paper Book Review from @kleffnotes

Kingdom of Ink and Paper is a book that is perfect for anyone who grew up loving Pagemaster or if you are just a book nerd who has always wished the stories you loved were true. This Young Adult read is a book that will have you pushing your imagination along with the main character. Loving books is definitely a prerequisite for enjoying this book.

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