The Legacy of Seven: A Guardian Rises 1 Book Review from @kleffnotes

Set two thousands years in the future when survival is a struggle and the world has shifted into a dystopian medieval society, P.J. Flie has created a world in The Legacy of Seven’s first book, A Guardian Rises that will excite sci-fi and fantasy readers alike. This first book in the series acts as a strong world builder and introduces readers to key characters. The idea behind the plot is that whoever controls the magic controls the fate of the galaxy.

The main character in our story is Ondreeal who believes herself to be an ordinary farm girl, until she displays surprising magical powers that transport her far away from her home. She has lived with her callous adoptive father for her entire life and had always longed to see the world and the magical wonders, but she had never expected to be thrust into an adventure where the heights of excitement were met with the depths of despair and loneliness. While she may not be the hero she is expected to be, she may be able to become the hero the world needs.

She is not alone in this journey, her destiny will eventually come to be tied to Zairoc, a dark wizard, Sir Francis, a benevolent wizard, Trick Mark, the captain of the guard, and a construction robot CD-45. When they collide in Bastion they will learn that their fates are held by Ondreeal. I love a book that melds sci-fi and fantasy and Flie does a fantastic job of world building in a way that blends the genres seamlessly together. I am looking forward to see how this story continues as the series progresses. Ondreeal is the type of lead that you will root for and hope to see her succeed. You can pre-order your copy of The Legacy of Seven: A Guardian Rises 1 today.

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