The Night We Burned Book Review from @kleffnotes

I love a psychological thriller and I was definitely intrigued by the idea of a story that examines truth with a focus on a fact checker. The Night We Burned actually came out in August, but I was a bit hard pressed for time I admit and since this was a longer book it took me a bit to get to the review point. My delay though is not a reflection on the book, instead I want to highlight how cool this story is.

When a bizarre murder takes place in Bend, Oregon and the national media begins swarming to the town, Dora Rodriguez winds up heading out to support the journalist leading the investigation for the online news magazine they work for. What she doesn’t expect is that he becomes convinced that this recent event is tied to a massacre that took place twenty years before. The victim was the survivor of the deadly fire involving the cult, The Oracles of Innocence. While Dora is committed to sticking to the facts, the story begins to get a bit to close to something she has been trying to keep hidden, her past.

Dora’s commitment to facts having to be shifted for the sake of her own protection is a curious storytelling technique that I really enjoyed. She knows that while she has tried to hide her past that she is now already in the killer’s sights and must try and protect herself in more ways than one. As her own lies continue to pile up Dora is also forced to confront the past and the promise two girls made to each other. If you love a story rooted in the psychological and that gives you a main character with something to hide you will love this read. S.F. Kosa has done an exceptional job of creating a read that will hook you. You can get your copy of The Night We Burned today.

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