Fire of the Dark Triad Book Review from @kleffnotes

Asya Semenovich is a scientist who found stories in numbers, recently featured in the Cannes Film Festival finalist film, Married to Math, she was restricted in her creativity until she came to the United States. She had always wanted to write and she took her knowledge and combined it with her true passion. Fire of the Dark Triad then came to life, which eerily would foreshadow elements of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In this futuristic Biopunk story, Dark Triads have wreaked havoc on Earth for centuries and by now it is almost destroyed. Those who are known as Dark Triads have a specific genetic profile and while there have been attempts to weed it out this DNA, but it was too valuable for societal advancement. Now Earth has recruited an elite group of people known as Headhunters to recruit Dark Triads who have shunned society and bring them back to Earth. Nick, the best of this team, winds up entangled in a secret conspiracy that could change the human race forever as he risks his life to prevent disaster and save the woman he loves.

Beyond the elements of the Dark Triad, there is a focus on a pandemic that is created and sent back to earth in order to destroy the order that exists. This is a curious read that is actually compared to The Suicide Squad in promotional material, which does actually fit very well. Those who have to save the world are those who are considered to be a threat. I did enjoy seeing Nick work though everything that was going on in this book. This is well written science fiction style read that I think fans of the Biopunk genre will enjoy. I would recommend giving Fire of the Dark Triad a read.

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