The Otherworld Book 1: Wish Book Review from @kleffnotes

With October nearing I wanted to get some reviews up in plenty of time for folks to pre-order. I also know that once we hit the spookiest month of the year that I’ll want to transition to some more horror themed content. In making sure that content gets up I am going to posting some book reviews a bit early. This YA book is a great read for those who might just want a little bit of magic as they get closer to Halloween.

The Otherworld Book 1: Wish focuses on 12 year old Cara who always thought that her father was just teasing her when he said she and her sister had fairy magic. With a week passing since he disappeared while on a hike after she wished he was gone in the heat of a fight she worries she may have been behind his disappearance. Her little sister has not spoken since their father vanished and now Cara feels like their family is cursed. No adult seems to be telling her the full truth and when she meets a real fairy her world falls further into turmoil. She must travel to the Otherworld and retrieve an ancient treasure, but will that be enough to save her family and maybe even the entire world.

Dr. Victoria Harris is a doctor of psychotherapy and wrote this book because she believes that early intervention into child mental health problems is key. She uses metaphor and other writing techniques to show building emotional resilience. In her quest to try and provide children with a means to manage their emotions she used writing to bring what she learned from her doctoral research to life in a way. Wish is a perfect book for younger readers and while it is a fun read it also does provide emotional education tools. If you are looking for something to keep your young reader engaged make sure to pre-order The Otherworld Book 1: Wish today.

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