Redhanded Book Review from @kleffnotes

How many of you grew up with the dulcet tones of Investigation Discovery on in the background? When you travel is Forensic Files your go to background noise to drown out the sounds of your hotel? Is this just me explaining my true crime focused childhood? It might be, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t others who can relate.

I adore podcasts, they are so easy to listen to during the work day and make for great companions when I am cooking, cleaning, and when I used to solo travel I would download as many as I could for the plane. Surprisingly I have been slacking recently on my true crime podcasts, I have been delving more into story podcasts and with spooky season nearing I have also mostly been hunting for horror podcasts. When I was contacted to review RedHanded, based on the well known and well reviewed podcast I was shocked that I hadn’t heard of the show before. That is definitely changing now, but oddly enough I get to start my experience with the book.

RedHanded by Suruthi Bala and Hanna Maguire draws from their original podcast and provides you with a deep dive into true crime and the extremes of human behavior. This is the perfect book immediately for fans of the podcast, the Spooky Bitches who are dedicated fans will want to snatch this book up for more. If you haven’t listened to the podcast before don’t worry I haven’t either and I still loved this book. The writing style is easy to understand and while it does cover topics that tie into psychology and human behavior you won’t feel overwhelmed by terminology. This is a wonderful book for true crime lovers and is the perfect introduction for those who might not know about RedHanded, the podcast, yet. You can pre-order your copy of RedHanded, the book, today and find the podcast wherever you get your podcasts.

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