The Citadel of Whispers Book Review from @kleffnotes

Chooseco is taking a chance with a brand new type of book. While Choose Your Own Adventure books have existed in the past, this the first time they will be trying their hand at the genre with The Citadel of Whispers. Beyond that they also have created a digital version that can jump where you choose, instead of needing you to scroll through or find the page you are told to pick. This is a fun read that is ideal for fantasy lovers.

In this story you take on the roll of Krishi, chosen at the age of ten to become on of the privileged students of the Whisperers. When a new student arrives with news of an imminent war, you must choose to go to battle and save Elaria. Your choices may lead you to ultimate salvation or you may be met with dire consequences. The powerful Narbolin empire is poised to take over the kingdom and you are the main force to protect the people of the magical world you love.

There are multiple stories that will challenge readers and compel them to explore what could be. Beyond being a story full of fantasy, the reader fully controls the story. You can choose the main characters’ gender and sexuality based on how they identify throughout the story. It is your choice and you can truly control what happens. Ali was proud to include this element to the story as a member of the LGBTQ+ community as he felt identity was a vital element of the story. I highly recommend this for readers of all ages and I applaud Ali for the openness of this story. You can order your copy of The Citadel of Whispers today!

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