Full Tilt Boogie Comic Review from @kleffnotes

I love a good space opera and when I was contacted about Full Tilt Boogie I was instantly intrigued. The full collection from writer Alex de Campi and artist Eduardo Ocana is an all ages read that did release in May. I have been a bit behind with comic reviews and this admittedly did get unintentionally moved to a later month. This is a fun read and definitely something you should check out, but keep reading to find out more.

The breakdown of the series focuses on our lead character Tee, who with her grandma and cat acts as a wannabe bounty hunter running odd jobs throughout the galaxy. In her ship the Full Tilt Boogie she is always looking for a bigger and better payday, though sometimes her work falls more under the babysitting line than bounty hunting. When they rescue Prince Ifan from Debtor’s Prison they accidentally set off an intergalactic war and Tee finds herself being chased across the galaxy. With all of that happening this story has plenty for all readers and this sci-fi setting is perfect for it.

Full Tilt Boogie is a great read and the art is perfectly matched for the story. It is not only fun, but also a pretty fast read. The story that evolves is both comical and high stakes with lots of action and some great comedic moments. If you are a fan of Firefly I think this would be a book you’d want to check out. The fun all ages allows it to be delightful read that you could use to introduce any reader to the genre. You can get your copy of Full Tilt Boogie today.

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