Grimm Tales from the Cave Comic Review from @kleffnotes

Mad Cave Studios has some great books and for Halloween they have a number of reads that are prefect for horror lovers. Coming out right before Halloween is Grimm Tales from the Cave, an anthology that gives a dark twist to Grimm Fairy Tales. There are 10 tales of fright with two of those stories being 20 page works by Cullen Bunn and artist Andrea Mutti and the other from Mark London with arty by Luisa Russo. This is the first anthology from Mad Cave Studios to use Grimm Fairy Tales as the the inspiration for horror.

The two longest stories in the collection kick it off, which is a great way to get you invested in the anthology. Soldiers of Fortune shows readers what can happen when you make a deal for everything you might have dreamed of and just what those consequences might be. Pay the Piper is frightening take on the Pied Piper story with rats attacking an apartment complex and a Mr. Piper coming to help the tenants when the landlord finally looks for someone to help them. When he refuses to pay the piper things take a dark turn.

The rest of the stories in the book are a bit shorter and are easy to breeze through. I’m just going to be highlight a couple of them here so that you can get a feel for the book, but still won’t have anything given away. Mother’s Thorn is a beautifully drawn book with a young girl named Astrid being forced to cut roses for a mother who seems to hate her. When she falls into another world she meets three women who seem to want to help her, but what they do is not pure kindness. The next story that I was drawn to almost immediately was Birds of Feather, which has a dark and shadowy art style. Using the story of a sorcerer who found beautiful women and then kept them and killed them, this story instead introduces three women to a man who is much like the sorcerer, but doesn’t stand a chance against their form of justice.

All of the stories on this anthology take their source material and really create something new and imaginative. I loved seeing the creativity behind the writers and artists who really ran with this idea. If you are a fan of horror or even a fan of twisted fairy tales, Grimm Tales from the Cave is a book you need to pick up.

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