Duplicant Issues 3 and 4 Comic Book Review from @kleffnotes

I’ve really enjoyed the first two issues of Duplicant and had the chance to review issues three and four. I wasn’t entirely sure of the exact release dates and thought that I would discuss the most recent issues in one combined post. This sci-fi story is perfect for fans of Repo: The Genetic Opera and any sort of body modification specific read. Check out my thoughts on issues three and four in the the rest of the article.

For those who might have missed those previous review that story of Duplicant is set in the future where a pandemic that leads to mass organ failure has resulted in a shift to society. Matt Travers has created duplicate organs that can save humanity, but this leads to a new type of indentured slavery where those who need organs to survive may find themselves forced to pay off their debts through any number of terrible acts. We last saw that the pandemic was continuing and that Travers had been hit hard by the death of a recent Duplicant organ recipient Pamela Wilton. He wonders if something has been done to his work that caused her death and he is kidnapped. The story picks up right where issue two ended and is a series that will keep you wanting to read.

Issue three shows us a hunt for Matt, but we also are given the opportunity to see some of his background and what led to the Duplicant project that he hoped would save live. We also learn more about the program as a whole and those who have been involved. The story takes a turn when we see someone arrive and insist that Matt must come with him, which leads us into issue four. Without spoiling the arc I wanted to do my best to condense these plots without giving up too much information. This story continues to provide backstory for Matt and his connection to Robert. In this issue we also get some sweet moments with other characters and a canon queer character is fully revealed. This second book will leave you shocked for sure and if you haven’t read yet, you definitely need to get started. Keep an eye out for Duplicant Issues Three and Four.

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