Becstar Issue #1 Comic Review from @kleffnotes

Becstar Issue #1 immediately caught my eye because of the cover. Now yes, I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but with comics it seems impossible not to. The cover of this issue was done by Sweeney Boo, who is one of my favorite artists. I was hooked by the cover, but the story of Becstar definitely kept me interested.

Becstar, our lead character, is a star hopping mercenary who has decided to make a change and become a full time gambler. With her old life behind her she takes her magic dagger and friend Sally Soolin and works to make a living outside of the Shadow Syndicate’s reach. When a mysterious girl appears with grim news and an urgent quest that could alter the fate of the universe. Becstar will have to join, but she’ll immediately regret her decision.

I loved this first issue and am excited to see what’s to come for Becstar, Paprika, and Sally. With the element of sci-fi blended with ancient magics this really has so much that I love in one spot. When Becstar is pushed into helping someone because of their mutual connection to a member of her old crew she has put aside her sort of ambling path of gambling throughout the universe. If you love sci-fi and in particular things like Killjoys or Dark Matter this is a series you need to start reading. You can pre-order Becstar #1 today.

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