Wolvenheart #8 Comic Review from @kleffnotes

Wolvenheart #8 is the first comic in the second volume of the Wolvenheart series. This horror style comic focuses on Sterling Cross and presents readers with vampires, werewolves, and the staples of horror that they love. If you are a fan of the Underworld movies or other vampire/werewolf themed stories this will be a read you’ll want to pick up.

This issue doesn’t release until later in the month of October, but I wanted to give folks plenty of time to pre-order and get caught up. The first volume has already been released and I would definitely recommend trying to pick it up before this new issue drops. I was graciously given a copy of the first volume in digital format to check out so that I could get some background on the series. This new issue picks up in a way that could be the starting point for some readers, but I do think you would benefit from some background before getting into this one.

Issue #8 shows us Sterling Cross finding him stuck in an alternate reality where Elizabeth Bathory is the head of Wolvenheart and Van Helsing is fixated on destroying the entire organization. Sterling may have to make unlikely alliances with some of history’s greatest characters, but will that be enough to protect Wolvenheart and return the timeline back to normal. I absolutely loved the art and the characters in this comic. I think the universe is so well done and I was really engaged by everything that was going on. I admit I was a huge fan of Bathory, who is a historical character that I have always thought was interesting anyway. This is a perfect Halloween read so make sure to check it out.

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