Nottingham Volume One Comic Review from @kleffnotes

After reviewing the first issue of Nottingham I was excited to be contacted to do a review of the complete graphic novel. My hopes were very high after the first book and it did not disappoint. If you like new takes on fairy tales or historical fiction stories this is a graphic novel you will want to pick up.

As a bit of a nod back to my previous article, the premise of Nottingham is that the Sheriff is hunting for a serial killer who has been killing tax collectors. He then finds himself interacting with a terrorist organization known as the Merry Men and their secretive leader Hood. In the first issue we were introduced to the Sheriff and the core characters of the series. The series expands on the plot with the same detailed art and fantastic coloring that hooked me during the first issue. I had been eager to see where this series would go with the more violence heavy Robin Hood inspired plot and the full graphic novel is a great read.

The new take on this story establishes the Sheriff in a more heroic role with the traditional heroes falling into a darker and more villainous path. I was surprised and intrigued at every turn by the creativity behind this story. I would highly recommend it for fans of anything Robin Hood related. We are also given some backstory through flashbacks of the lead character. As the story progresses we are introduced to some new lettering and font graphics which I really enjoyed. This is overall a great read and you can pick up your copy of Nottingham the full graphic novel today.

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