Duplicant #2 Comic Review from @kleffnotes

The second issue is the first arc of Duplicant should be out today, though there have been some delays with the release. If the release date has shifted this comic is still available for pre-order and can be ordered online. The first issue introduced us to a future where humanity has been afflicted by a pandemic of organ failure. Matt Travers has created a way to duplicate organs and save humanity, but this scientific advancement has led many to be forced into servitude in order to pay back the cost of these life saving new organs.

We previously met Pamela Wilton who was the latest victim of the pandemic and when she went on the run to try and find Travers he life was quickly ended. Travers now sees that what he believed would save others is dooming them. In this second issue we pick up at the holographic funeral of Pamela where Travers is in attendance. The funeral brings up panful memories for him and he is plagued by dreams of his wife’s death and the death of their children. He then sets out on a mission to learn why Pamela suddenly died and whether it was tied to the company supporting his work.

This new issue in the series showcases the investigation that Travers wants to spearhead into why Pamela died and what caused her nanos to stop sending data hours before she died. In his search for answers he learns about horrific elements of debt purchasing in connection to organs and a fight breaks out leaving readers on a bit of a cliffhanger. I am really enjoying this series and am very curious to see how this arc ends. Karla Nappi has done a great job of creating an engaging story and the art from Marianna Strychowska and colors by Leila Del Duca work well to really draw you into the story. You can hopefully purchase your copy of Duplicant #2 today, but if not you can also find it available online.

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