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NBC’s This Is Us has taken fans and viewers by storm. Everywhere on social media, there are tweets regarding the writing and praising the cast for their powerful acting.  The producers, writers, cast and crew of This Is Us have put forth an unforgettable series.

There’s another This Is Us crew that works tirelessly to bring fans all the news on This Is Us.  I’m speaking of the great site of devoted fans, This Is Us Fan Crew.  They recently agreed to interview with me for The Nerdy Girl Express. Read below to learn more.

Did you start This Is Us Fan Crew prior to the airing of the series based on reviews or was it started after the show aired?


“Yes, My 13 year old daughter and I started ThisIsUsFanCrew on September 6, 2016 prior to it airing. We started this account as we are huge fans of Justin Hartley and a lot of Young & Restless fans were begging him not to leave. On September 6, I read an article from Chicago Sun Times on Justin Hartley and JH quoted “When I read the pilot, I was like, Man, if I could be a part of something like this, this would be a dream come true.” Once I read, I thought WOW, he got his dream job, let’s help support/promote his new show. Then we attended on September 13, 2016 The PaleyFest Fall Preview of ThisIsUs and got to meet the cast. Totally fell in love with them all as well as the show that night. I knew then that we did good by starting ThisIsUsFanCrew for this amazing show and cast. On September 28, 2016, we decided to go one step further and start an Instagram ThisIsUsFanCrew, and was blessed that Justin Hartley’s sister Gabriela Francesca @gfrancesamusic was our first follower. I thanked her and she quoted back, no problem I’m part of the crew. She is just as amazing as Justin as I had an opportunity to meet her & his beautiful Chrishell Stause at the EW pop fest when ThisIsUs cast was there.”

Were there any other names you considered before deciding on This Is Us Fan Crew?


“We were going to call it thisisusfanclub, but I remembered Justin sent out a tweet announcing the premiere of ThisIsUs with this crew. So we switched it from club to crew as we thought crew would be better name because it a whole crew making this a great show including all us fans as part of the crew.”

What is it you like best about This Is Us, the writing or the acting?

“Both is my answer; it goes hand in hand with this phenomenal team! The writing and performances are always delivered with perfection. As every episode is always knocked out of the ball park with a Home Run Hit. This show is like no show we have ever’s about real life challenges we all face every day. It’s about US.”

What do you hope to accomplish through the site This Is Us Fan Crew?

“Keep all fans informed of all the fun happenings of this amazing show, keep the feels coming for the next episode, fans discussing on thoughts of the episodes after it airs. Which some fans have been sharing their real life situation similar to what happened on a ThisIsUs episode.’ This part is sad in some cases but rewarding in other cases.”

How much time do you think you devote to This Is Us Fan Crew per week?

“About 30 hours.”

Do you ever take other This Is Us fans’ suggestions regarding what you post?

“Yes, some followers send me collages or pictures and I ask if they mind if I repost and always give credit to that fans post. Also others who have started Mandy & Milo accounts, I support and help promote them as well. I also have notice collages I created some of the stars of ThisIsUs has reposted it onto their own Instagram. I felt honored when I saw this. It’s all a total team, the followers & stars working together for the success of this amazing show! We are all in this together.”

Is there a crew running This Is Us Fan Crew or is it more or less a solo operation?

“It’s a solo operation by my daughter and I.”

You also have a You Tube channel. Can you tell us a little about that?

“My daughter started this as we wanted to branch with videos. She just started this during her Christmas break, so more to come on this.”

What would you like your followers to know about This Is Us Fan Crew?

“I appreciate them following and support of this amazing show ThisIsUs. I like to post good positive tweets to let followers know what’s going on with the show. Also enjoy posting what’s going with their favorite star and any upcoming events that the stars might be involved in. So I do post a lot, sometimes my daughter teases me and says you post too much. But just trying to keep followers informed of their favorite star and events happening. We are always open to any suggestions from the followers. Love their support as well as feedback.”

Anything you’d like to say to the cast, writers etc of This Is Us?

“Can’t say enough. This is the BEST SHOW I’ve ever seen with my favorite actor on it makes me proud. Best move Justin Hartley made because I love his new character Kevin. He’s an brilliant actor and always delivers with perfection. And now I have fallen in love with all other cast as they are just as brilliant as Justin Hartley is. Including the little stars which we had an opportunity to meet. Made my daughters day and she now has new friendships with some of these little stars. Y’all are the Best and it shows because not many new shows are nominated within first three months of their first season. Says a lot….you all the best!! As far as the writers of ThisIsUs, I feel they are the best writers out there right now! It’s such incredible writing as this show definitely touches all of us in one way or another. I love that it’s about real life issues that related to all of US, from either our past or present lives we currently are living. It’s such a heartfelt show that brings so much love, laughter, and emotion to you that you burst into tears crying. The creator Dan Folgleman hit a home run on this show he created by choosing the best writing team, cast and crew. So BRAVO on a phenomenal show of excellent writing and casting because it is the BEST UGLY crying show you ever watch that’s about US.”

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