#ThisIsUs Viewing Event for “Memphis” on February 21, 2017 via @ThisIsUsFanCrew @NBCThisIsUs

It was an honor as This Is Us Fan Crew went and was a part of the live viewing event The Springs on February 21, 2017. This event was attended by some of the cast and writers of  NBC’s This Is Us.  It was followed by a Q&A interview with MarieLou Mandle of AfterBuzz TV.

The doors opened at 7:00PM.  The event started at 9:00PM. Those in attendance watched the NBC’s This Is Us episode “Memphis”. The audience as well as the cast cried together during this very emotional episode of our beloved William’s passing. It hit home with some of the stars that were present with us as we just couldn’t hold back any tears.

After the show ended, MarieLou began her Q&A questions to the cast and writers. She asked the following:

1. How did this episode “Memphis” effect you?

Niles Fitch (TeenRandall) stated it effected him very deeply as he lost his father two years ago, the same way William passed. So this episode definitely hit home for him. (We all cried with him as he spoke of this)

2. How do you relate to your character?

Lonnie Chavis (LittleRandall) stated he’s a lot like Randall as we saw when Randall did have friends show up at his bday party and he was okay with it. Lonnie stated I’m the same way, you accept me for the way I am. It’s okay if I don’t have a lot of friends.

3. How do you get into your character?

Jermel Nakia (Young William) Stated it pretty easy because once your make-up and wig goes on you begin feeling your character and already knowing your lines, it there your are your character. He stated that Zoe Hay and her crew are phenomenal in this department.

4. Was it hard to get the part once you auditioned for it?

Logan and Jemel stated that they all only auditioned once and got the part. They stare it’s like Dan already knew we were together perfect fit as we were so much like our characters. They all, stated how blessed they were to be a part of this great show.

5. What do you want the audience to see in Season 2 with character?

Logan Shroyer (Teen Kevin) stated he’s excited for us to see a softer Teen Kevin then what we saw in Season 1.

6. How is it working with Mandy and Milo?

Lonnie stated they are great. Logan stated Milo is awesome as he gives great guidance and really teaches you how to be a better actor. Such a honor working with them both.

7. How do you know what to write for the show and why do you think this show has become such a BIG HIT?

Kay Oygen (one of the head writers) stated that when the are in the writing room, the team begins discussing their own life issues. So, the writing dialogue is about what had happened to each of them in their past or present lives. So it’s totally based on real life events. As an the other writer, Laura Kanar shared the episode where Kate broke down with her flashbacks was solely an episode of me that we wrote about. Laura shared she’s always been heavy and participated in weight loss work out class just as they wrote it for Kate. Logan jumped in and that the material is the best to work with.

8. What should be except for Season 2?

The writers stated that now we all have gotten to know the characters, it opens up a lot for each of them. Just like Jack, they stated we may have lost William tonight, but his story line doesn’t have to end.

After questions wrapped up, we all gathered for pictures with the stars and one on one talks! It was quite a night as each of them were amazing….that’s what makes This Is UsThis Is Us!

Photos Courtesy of This Is Us Fan Crew

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