Major Update-iZombie Season 2 Episode 2 Recap and Reactions

Yesterday marked the second episode of season two of iZombie. I’m always afraid of second episodes because many times a show will put everything into its first and last episodes and everything in between is just ‘meh.’ I should not have feared, because iZombie did not disappoint. Not only was there huge character development but there was action, heartbreak and laughs. I’m not the only one who sees it either, Rotten Tomatoes has given iZombie a 100% and that is definitely something to celebrate with some ice cream! (Brain freeze?)

As this article gets into actual events that have taken place I want to state that means SPOILERS. So if you haven’t seen it or don’t want to be spoiled, I suggest you save this for another day!

Back to the episode, we start with Major having the major guilts over his new profession and its consequences. I have been saying this since the first season, that Major acts without thinking of the ramifications of what he’s doing. He didn’t think about what would happen to himself if he kept getting in trouble with the law. He didn’t think what could happen to Seattle if he killed the zombie supplier of their food source. And while now he is being blackmailed by Max Rager, he didn’t really think of the consequences to killing zombies and seeing that they’re not just the monsters he assumed they all must be. They have family’s that miss them. They’re still PEOPLE and he just killed them. Not to mention his inability to forgive Liv lying to him to protect him, but seems ok with doing the same exact thing to her. *cough*hypocrite*cough* Major may be pretty, but that man has zero sense.

I’m also unsure exactly how Major is going to protect Liv. He seemed to only give in to Max Rager when they threatened to take out Liv…first. She is still on their radar as zombie #1; they even have a mole posing as her new roommate friend to keep very close tabs on her. I’m not sure if Major thinks he can negotiate Liv’s freedom or if he thinks he’ll just blow up Max Rager HQ next. The second is a distinct possibility now that I think about it. Oh boy. I say that in jest, in case anyone takes me seriously. While it may seem like I am being very hard on Major, well I am, but I do like his character. I am just terribly frustrated with his good character, thinking himself the good guy while doing every wrong and bad choice there is to do and not seeing it as bad. He could be so great if Major wasn’t his own worst enemy. The end of the episode and us seeing Major’s new outlet for his stress is the weak hot sauce on an already rotten brain.

I’m glad though that Major thought to throw Liv’s phone out the car while he was intoxicated. I wish he had been in a proper frame of mind to explain why, as I would have taken that much worse than Liv did. I also can’t wait for the inevitable meeting of Major and Liv’s new roommate Gilda. What will they do about each other? I’m sure she thinks Major will stay quiet, but will he? I don’t know, but I can’t wait to see when it goes down.

We finally get something going on for Ravi too. While I love his character, I think he is woefully underused in the series. His main thing is ‘the cure’ and then a bit of Peyton. She’s still MIA, so we are left with the cure and all of episode one had Ravi lamenting about how he couldn’t do anything because he no longer had any of the tainted samples needed. Ravi though is proactive and decided to go to a club and test what regular utopium does to a person, himself. In what was the greatest scenes to ever grace television, we see Ravi high as a kite dancing with Major (oh the brotp of Rajor is strong!) and then dancing topless much to Liv’s horror. Ravi is now looking over his notes he made while intoxicated, and I hope we see more from this to give Ravi some of his own agency. We may also see more if he realizes what Major has become and kicks his Lilywhite butt into sobriety.

Someone who could use some utopium this episode is probably Clive. The man has his hands full with a bro-tastic Liv, frat boys, and accidentally telling a girl she was part of a ‘dog party’ and making her cry. This week’s case was especially sad and made worse by a case of mistaken identity. I wish we could get something on our detective, but so far his character has stayed rather static. We know nothing of his past other than he used to work in vice; nothing of his present other than his current job and nothing at all about his personal life. I can’t help but wonder of the deep dark secrets that Clive Babineaux keeps to himself. If we can’t get anything more about his past, I hope that the next episodes in this season will give him some life outside of the cases he solves with Liv. The cases have gotten stronger and stronger as the series has progressed and they needed to keep up with the emotional roller coaster that is Liv Moore’s life.

Poor Liv has been put through the ringer this episode and it is probably a good thing that she was on frat boy brains to help her chill out during it. Dealing with Major was a one step forward-two steps back kind of week. I thought she was being exceptionally nice person to not only come and get Major when he was so bad off at the club that someone called for her, had her phone destroyed for no good reason (to her knowledge) and then babysat him throughout the night only to be rebuffed entirely when she wanted to say hello. At least she has a new bug free phone out of it. Also who knew wearing caution tape could be so hot?

Finally we get to my favorite character consistently and definitely at the top this week, our number one baddie Blaine. The ex-zombie has a lot on his plate this episode; dealing with warring drug trafficker Mr. Boss and maybe getting him put in prison, showing Don E that zombies are real (stop licking the bowl!) and having a huge confrontation with his father. It’s the last one that really put Blaine over the top for me. We find out a lot of backstory in a short conversation. Not only are Blaine and his father not in cahoots with each other, but that one of the first people Blaine turned on purpose for profit was his own father. Now that’s some revenge. The longer the conversation goes on, the more I see why Blaine did it.

You find out Angus, Blaine’s father, was very absentee during his younger years and mostly just paid for him to go to prestigious private schools that Blaine would inevitably be kicked out of for misconduct. We find out the source of that angst when Blaine blames his father for not noticing or worse not caring that his own wife, Blaine’s mama, was severely depressed and not bothering to lock up his firearms that she eventually used on herself. To add to that fire, we find out Blaine is still holding a deep grudge against Angus for treating his grandfather badly and putting him away in a home. Angus accuses the grandfather of babying Blaine, but Blaine sets him right by saying ‘He loved me! You just don’t know the difference…” Whoa. You know what; I think I’d turn into a super villain too with a family like that.

I hope we get a lot more from Blaine and his father. They have a great dynamic and David Anders absolutely killed it in that scene. Plus who doesn’t love a villain that you can actually see where they’re coming from? Even if you know their choices are wrong, seeing why they think they’re in the right always makes their villainy that much more delightful to watch.

Next week we’re going to see Liv eat the brains of a rich socialite fashionista. But before we get there, I have to ask-Do, date, delete? Major, Ravi, Blaine. Tell me in the comments or on my twitter at @quietlikeastorm.


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