We All Scream for Scream Queens!

Have your seen Fox’s new show “Scream Queens”?

In the words of the show ‘s star Emma Roberts, ” It’s Mean Girls meets Friday the 13th”.  That it definitely is.

This horror comedy first caught my attention with some of the A-list stars it has in it. The Scream Queen herself, Jaime Lee Curtis, is part of the cast, along with Emma Roberts, Nick Jonas, Abigail Breslin, Lea Michele, and Ariana Grande, to name a few.

This season is set at Wallace University, at the Kappa sorority, which is led by the Queen bee Chanel (Emma Roberts). With the Dean (Jaime Lee Curtis) threatening her position, Chanel has to now let anyone and everyone into the sorority. Suddenly, murders begin, bodies disappear, and the Red Devil appears, leading to a 20 year old murder mystery and a dark secret. And that was just the premiere!!

Scream Queens has the feel of the Scream movies. It keeps you on your toes. Chanel is the ultimate mean girl with several little minions doing her bidding. Our Dean is a pot smoking cougar set out to end Chanel’s reign. Then we have our supporting cast who follows Chanel’s orders. After an “accidental” murder and a disappearing body, things really pick up, an  the fun begins. Sorority members start getting killed one by one, in some pretty epic ways, by the Red Devil. The best, I have  to say was Chanel #2. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at a murder. The murder texting and her coming back over and over was brilliantly done. You can’t see the Red Devil’s face, but boy can you feel his frustration on that one.

With Chanel, she’s not liking the fact that everyone is allowed in her exclusive sorority. She comes up with some pretty outrageous hell week tasks. These pledges were buried up to the necks in the front yard to stay for the night. Do you think the Red Devil was going to miss out on that opportunity? Nope! Lawnmowers and heads make for another awesome kill. With these members being killed off, the sorority hires a security officer played by none other than Niecy Nash. She is the worst security guard but is bound and determined to protect these Kappas.

Now during all of this, one of the pledges gets suspicious and calls upon a friend to help her find out what the hell is going on in that house. After breaking into a room in the basement, Chanel discovers the pledge and tells her of how 20 years ago a pledge was found dead in the bath tub after giving birth. Now here I am, sitting on the edge of my seat, wondering what could possibly happen next. Of course they don’t tell us who the girl or baby was, but after watching the show, I’m sure whoever it is, has something to do with the Red Devil. I can’t wait to watch the next show. Everyone’s a suspect, yet everyone’s a potential victim.

Did you enjoy Scream Queens? Let us know what you think!

~*This is a repost of the original article found on Nerdy and Worthy by the same author. The article had originally been reblogged but due to technical errors that made the person who makes this site pretty insane, the easiest option was to repost.*~


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