i#Zombie: The Masked Crusader

Has Supergirl come to Seattle? No, but it was a masked superhero fighting for truth, justice and saving the zombies way. The iZombie episode “Cape Town” gave Liv the opportunity to embrace her inner superhero. This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen the episode, please do not continue reading.

Liv Moore was already leading a superhero life. She works at a normal job and hides a secret identity (as a zombie) while helping to solve murders. So it was about time she put on a mask and a nifty costume.

But the challenges of being ‘Super Liv’ took their total on her.  Eating the brain of a superhero made Liv more reckless than usual.  The brains usually help her mental solve the murders but these brains made her a physical force in the crime-solving endeavors. It made her step into zombie-crime fighting vigilante territory though, and for all intends purposes, being a vigilante is never a good thing. Liv was also forced to make a ‘lesser-of-two-evils’ decision that resulted in the creation of a new zombie and a great new character to the iZombie universe. I like Drake and look forward to seeing him in future episodes.

Liv Superhero2

Even though a mask helped Liv conceal her identity on the outside, it forced her to look inside herself. Liv’s confidence reached an all-time low and no amount of witty puns could pick her up. On the plus side, we got to see Ravi “geek out” and embrace his fanboy over Liv’s attire. It’s always interesting how the most highly intelligent people are the biggest nerds. But in my opinion, it is a further testament that being a nerd is a smart choice.

Liv suffered some heavy hits in “Cape Town” which were emotional whether than physical. She learned that she would no longer be able to ‘ride along’ with Clive during murder investigations. I admit, I’m surprised it lasted this long. Seattle must have been really desperate in meeting their case solving quota to allow an alleged psychic medical examiner to team up with a homicide detective. But the most devastating for her (as well as fans) was her break-up with Major. They’ve been on this road before, so here’s hoping the trip to splitsville will be a short visit. Having an undead life has caused Liv to give up a lot in her life.

“Cape Town” was the Mid Season Finale of iZombie. The cliffhangers will have an impact on many characters when iZombie returns on January 12, 2016. How will the tainted Utopium effect the futures of Blaine and Major?  Is zombism just around the corner for them?

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