#Wentworth – Who is Nash Taylor? via @stacyamiller85

I have been doing character profiles on the prisoners of Wentworth Prison but decided to do one on a person who wasn’t a prisoner in Wentworth but had a significant connection to Wentworth Prison, Nash Taylor.

This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen Wentworth, please do not continue reading.

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Nash Taylor first enters the Wentworth universe in Season 2 when Governor Ferguson gives Doreen Anderson the greenlight to construct a prison garden.  She authorizes Doreen to hire whatever help she needs to work on the project so prisoners from the neighboring Walford Prison are called in.  When Doreen first meets Nash, there is obviously a spark between them.  During each visit Nash makes to Wentworth Prison, his and Doreen’s attraction grows.  Additionally, they begin nurturing a baby bird they find around the prison garden site and Nash shares with Doreen that he has a child that he doesn’t get to see due to his issues with drugs, which was why he was sent to prison.

One day, their attraction leads to passion.  Months later, Doreen learns she is pregnant but tries to hide the information from Governor Ferguson with Jess Warner’s help.  The plan backfires.  Ferguson wanted Doreen to lie that Will Jackson was the father of her baby (as part of Ferguson’s revenge plot against Will) but Doreen refused.

Fast forward several months later, Nash has made parole and visits Doreen in prison to see their son, Joshua.  However, when drugs are found in one of the toys he brought to the visit, Nash’s parole is revoked and he’s sent straight back to Walford.

I’m hoping that Season 4 of Wentworth finds Nash is released from prison as it appears he was set up by Ferguson and he, Doreen and baby Joshua are reunited.

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