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A strong episode of television is when the writers build upon existing characters and give them the chance to grow.  Such was the case in the Supergirl episode titled “Childish Things”.

This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen the episode, please do not continue reading.

It was finally revealed that Winslow Schott (Winn) was not destined to become Toyman. He is Winslow Schott, Jr., the son of Toyman.  And Winslow had a “toyload” of daddy issues to deal with after his father escapes from prison.  Toyman wants revenge on the person responsible for ruining his life and needs his son to help him.

It was refreshing to see Winn have an episode where he got to do more than be backup for Kara while obsessing over his feelings for her. Jeremy Jordan was able to show his range as an actor as Winn finally dealt with all his bottled up feelings for his dad for the actions that cost them a normal father/son relationship.  Henry Czenry as Winslow Schott Sr./Toyman was a welcome addition to the cast and has experience playing a father with a difficult relationship with his son from his years playing Conrad Grayson on Revenge.

The episode also allowed Winn to confront his feelings for Kara as he finally admitted he’s in love with her and has been since before he found out she was Supergirl.  

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The other big story line in the episode was John Jones’ uncertainty to reveal his Martian Manhunter nature or to continue as Hank Henshaw.  Alex tried to convince him that the world would accept him as Martian Manhunter in the same way they accepted and love Supergirl.  “Your sister is a pretty blonde looking cheerleader”.  Unfortunately, when he has to use his martian abilities to get out of a tight spot at Lord Industries, John becomes further convinced its better if Martian Manhunter isn’t unleashed upon the world.

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Supergirl is the story of an alien from another planet and the impact she makes on Earth through her selfless acts of heroism.  But it is also the story of doing what’s right while learning something along the way.  And “Childish Things” allowed both Winn and Hank to accomplish just that with these characters reaching inside themselves.

“Childish Things” was a solid episode putting usually secondary characters in front of the narrative.

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