Adam Driver #StarWars SNL Skit

This past Saturday, Adam Driver, a lead in the biggest Star Wars film to date hosted Saturday Night Live. There were many funny skits, but the best was the one he did acting as an undercover boss (like the show with the same name) as his character in the Star Wars universe. Spoiler alerts in the video for anyone who has somehow not yet seen the film.

I think Driver did an amazing job of showing how Kylo Ren is a big ol’ brat and still immature. He also showed off some great comedic skill. I really loved the line about how he was sad because he was the one who killed that guy.

Star Wars was the first thing I had ever seen Adam Driver in. This was the second and it made me curious to what else he has done. Driver has actually led quite a life. After 9/11 he became a US Marine for two years. He was never deployed though as he was hurt in an accident and then honorably discharged due to the injury. Afterwards he attended college and transferred to Julliard where he graduated in 2009.

If that wasn’t already impressive, Driver started his acting career at Broadway where he was in several plays. He then moved on to television where he was cast in a lead role in the television series Girls (2012-2016). This role started gathering him some attention for movies and he had bit parts in J. Edgar (2011) and Lincoln (2012). Then he had supporting roles in Frances Ha (2012) and Inside Llewyn Davis (2013). He then went on to be a lead in This is Where I Leave You (2014). We all know that his next big role was Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which has cemented his star status.


He also has several projects coming up with the next installment of Star Wars, Midnight Special, Paterson and a Martin Scorsese film called Silence coming out in 2016.

Driver is certainly talented and I will definitely be looking up some of his older work to watch. He has an unusual look too that I think is great for Hollywood to accept. Did you like this past SNL or seeing him in Star Wars? Excited for his new movies? Just want to babble about Star Wars in general? Because I am always down for that.

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