#Supernatural ‘s Sam’s Letter to Dean On His Birthday via @stacyamiller85 @cw_spn @JensenAckles

My name is Dean Winchester and I’m not usually one who is into all that wussy, dew-eyed crap but my little brother wrote me this letter and I had to share it.  But if you mentioned it to him, I’m gonna give you a beat down!

Author’s Note:  This letter is fictional and is a product of the writer’s imagination. It has not appeared or been mentioned on The CW’s Supernatural.

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Dear Dean,

I know that you’ll probably make fun of me for writing this letter to you.  You’ll say that you don’t want to hear any emo crap and that I should spare you the chick flick moments.  You always do that, Dean.  You always want to bottle things up inside and not talk.  Who knows if we can even stop The Darkness.  It scares the hell out of me the thought of failing.  So, I wanted to…no, I needed to tell you how I feel now before it’s too late.

Happy Birthday, Man!  I know how much birthdays always meant to you.  Even when we were kids and Dad was away on some hunt during our birthdays, you’d always find a way to celebrate.  You took care of me, you protected me.  And you tried, you really tried to give me something normal. You’d get a cake for me and you’d get me some presents even when Dad didn’t even bother to call to say happy birthday.  And I don’t think that I ever told you how grateful I was that you did that.  I would just be angry at Dad, pissed at him that he was so obsessed with hunting that he couldn’t even take the time to make a stupid phone call to say happy birthday.

I know you haven’t always trusted me. After Ruby and the demon blood,not telling you I didn’t have a soul or not looking for you when you were in Purgatory, we lost something. You began doubting whether it was just ‘You and me against the world’ and even threw the amulet I gave you when we were kids in the trash.  That’s why along with this letter, I’m giving it back to you to show how much you’ve always meant to me.  You’re my big brother and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you.

But today is your birthday and what I want for you is for you to forget for a little while about hunting and The Darkness and just have fun.

Love you bro,        images (3)


P.S.  I got the burgers and I didn’t forget the pie!

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Update: Since Sam sent this letter to Dean, the brothers have faced The British Men of Letters, Mary’s return from the dead, the return of Lucifer and become surrogate brothers/fathers to Jack, the Nephilim son of Lucifer and Kelly Kline.

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