#GeneralHospital The End of Dante and Lulu via @stacyamiller85 #GH

One lie can cause a chain reaction leading to the end of a marriage.  Such is the case for General Hospital’s Dante and Lulu Falconeri.

When Lulu learned her brother, Lucky Spencer had been kidnapped, instead of coming to her husband and a cop Dante for help, she turned to her ex, Dillon Quartermaine.  Even worst, Lulu lied to Dante by telling him she was going to help take care of her sick grandmother.  But she and Dillon where in Canada. Dante mistakenly believed his wife was having an affair with her ex, so he slept with her cousin Valerie.

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The beginning of Dante and Lulu’s relationship was based on a lie, however, as Dante introduced himself as Dominic Perelli.  He was undercover to infiltrate Sonny Corinthos’ organization (who he later learned was his father) and the Port Charles mob, when he met the attractive blonde at Jake’s.

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Lulu (then played by Julie Berman) forgave Dante his identity lie and the two embarked on a relationship. Soon, they fell in love and married. But unfortunately, the problem of Lulu’s infertility put a strain on their marriage. Lulu’s BFF Maxie offered to be the couple’s surrogate but Maxie’s lie who were the real parents of the baby (she and Spinelli, but that’s another story).  Long story short, Dante and Lulu finally got the family the wanted when baby Rocco came into their lives.

Additionally troubles followed later involving the Spencer longtime enemy, the Cassadines.  Lulu was kidnapped and suffered a memory loss. Now played by Emme Rylan, Lulu’s memory returned and the couple were reunited.

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But after Dante’s infidelity, Lulu was determined to get rid of cousin Valerie and enlisted help of another ex, Johnny Zacchara to make it appear Valerie,now a young police cadet, was on the take from a known escaped mobster. Things went awry and Valerie almost died in a cabin fire.

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Once Dante learned the truth, he was furious. On Friday, January 22, Dante realized they were no longer the people he thought they were and asked Lulu for a divorce. Will Dante turn to Valerie again?

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Are you sad about the end of Dante and Lulu?  Sound off in the comments.  Or tweet @thenerdygirlexp and @stacyamiller85 .


2 thoughts on “#GeneralHospital The End of Dante and Lulu via @stacyamiller85 #GH

  1. Dante and Lulu haven’t been the same since Emme took over as Lulu. Dominic and Emme just don’t have chemistry together. Dante and Lulu can always get back together down the line. No I am not sad.


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