Heroes Reborn Came To An End @heroes

Heroes Reborn came full circle Thursday night with the final episode. Many tears were shed by yours truly during this heartfelt episode. In full Heroes style, we were left with a cliffhanger that had all our jaws dropped. 

In the last two episodes we have learned so much. Erica’s evil had an underlying cause I don’t  think many of us really suspected. Casper has been a company man longer than we realized. Micah outted Erica to the world. Just so much! Let’s dive in.

As like every week, the final episode started where last week left off. Carlos, Jose, and Micah have taken Farah to the hospital, after she was shot protecting Malina. The hospital is abandoned as everyone has gone to take shelter. Ren and Emily are spying on Erica and have found out she has Tommy trapped inside of Evernow. They must find a way to get him out…or can they….Erica uses his power to transport everyone with the damn watch to the future, using a creepy floating cord to plug into his neck. This is where I began tweeting for Tommy to look out but I guess being stuck in Evernow prison, he couldn’t see my tweets.

This episode showed us why these evos are heroes. Luke was finally redeemed for all his evo hunting, as he told Malina and Quentin to take cover while he stands at the present day gateway and uses his solar power to save them from the first solar flare. He rises into the air and vanishes with the flare. Phoebe shows up, still completely under Erica’s “spell”. She tries to kill Malina, she damn sure had her. Quentin tries to talk some sense into her but in the end to save Malina, to save the world, he shoots his sister, she falls out of window and falls to a deathly splatter. I felt for Quentin, that choice had to be the hardest he’s ever made.


Jose uses his powers to pull the bullet from Farah, saving her life. As soon as they have her patched up, a group of people enter the hospital telling the trio about a pile up on the highway. The three work together to help these people. Carlos may not have real powers, but you don’t need to be an evo to be a hero.


Tommy is stuck running around Evernow and runs right into himself….yep two Tommys! Second Tommy explains to himself that time really has no meaning in Evernow, his memories are timeless and he needs to remember all that’s he’s learned in order to save the world. Second Tommy explains that his powers allow him to be in more than once place at a time. As he continues on, he starts to see his memories. He sees himself and Malina as small children practicing using their powers together, with Angela watching over them. I love seeing a Petrelli!


In the real world (future), Ren and Emily free Otomo and Miko, as well as all the other sedated evos. Unfortunately Miko has no idea who Ren is, which breaks his heart….as well as mine. Otomo send Ren into the game to meet up with Katana Girl and free Tommy, the Master of Time and Space. Ren succeeds and sticks the sword into the door, as he pulls the sword out he and Tommy appear in the real world, but he’s surrounded by Erica and her hired guns, and she has Emily and Tommy’s mother captured. Erica thinks she has outsmarted Tommy, you see if he goes back to the present to stop the machine, everyone in the future dies, but if he doesn’t, Malina dies. But guess what little miss evil Erica, his name isn’t Tommy, his name Nathan, and he is the Master of Time and Space, he can be in two places at once, BOOM!


One Nathan stays and one Nathan goes back to present day, to his sister, who’s trying desperately to hold back the impeding end of the world. He takes her hand, but it doesn’t work, their power together isn’t stable. Nathan then goes back in time to where he and Malina were training with their grandmother. This is where he learns there must be a third person between them for their powers to work properly….to save the world. Unfortunately, the third person will not survive, so they need someone willing to sacrifice themself…for the world. Nathan knows who that person would be. He’s teleports to where we last saw Noah, the last time Malina saw him, and takes Noah back to the training room and shows him what must happened. Angela walks up to Noah and pretty much tells him, he’s been in her dreams. If y’all remember Angela dreams the future. Noah and Nathan arrive back with Malina who’s still trying to hold back the end of the world. Heartbreakingly the trio hold hands, a blue beam shoots up from Noah that surrounds the earth in a protective shield as the solar flare passes right by. At the same moment Nathan in the future cuts Erica’s watch off and transports everyone else back to present day. And karma finally got a hold of her.

Noah has a few last words to his grandchildren, as the entire Heroes Reborn fandom sat and cried their eyes out, yes me too! Noah was the biggest hero of all and now gets to be with his Claire-Bear once again.

The shows jumps a few months ahead to show us what happened with everyone. Otomo is training Miko and Ren….maybe they will have that friendship him and Katana Girl had, I sure hope so. Carlos, Farah, and Jose have become a crime fighting family, although Jose is still young and needs to remain in the shop.

Quentin is in jail being questioned about the evos. He has the most beautiful speech, couldn’t  find a video of it for you guys, sorry. I really thought the speech was meant for the world, the real world.

You’d think that was the end, but this is the Heroes franchise, and we must know about the twins. Each of them receives a tarot card. Malina shows the card to Angela. Angela’s face turns grim and tells her granddaughter that it’s a message from their father, that’s he’s coming back for them, and no one will be able to protect them.

Yep, that’s how they ended it. Tim Kring later posted on the series finale saying it ended the way it was suppose to. They left it open to revisit it in the future. There will not be another Heroes Reborn, as that story is over, like in Heroes, but there will be a future chapter…….hopefully.

Now I know many of you still have questions about Heroes Reborn. Everyone’s main question is who is the twins father. Well let me tell you, they made the six tie in books for a reason. All the answers you need are in the books.

Heroes Reborn was never meant to go past what it did. It was said from the beginning that it was a mini series event, and I have to say I loved it!

What am I suppose to do with my Thursday nights now that Heroes Reborn is over?

How did you guys like the mini series? Leave me your comments below or find me on Twitter @thenerdygirlexp


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