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Texting and work don’t mix.  Bad things can happen when you text during a meeting became painfully clear to Rebecca on the latest episode of Crazy Ex Girlfriend.


This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen the episode “That Text Was Not Meant For Josh” please do not continue reading.

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In the age of social media, sending a text is as second nature as saying hello. And to share news immediately is what’s done via smartphones everywhere.  The problem with this is text messages are considered ‘urgent’ with need to know information.  But seriously, how often is an important text sent and received?

Raise your hand if you ever worried that your text would be received by the wrong recipent.  Although my cyber eyes couldn’t see it, I’m sure there were many hands raised. Well, this horror happened to Rebecca when she accidentally sends a text meant for Paula to Josh instead.

What follows is a frantic scramble to retrieve Josh’s phone so she can delete the text.  I know I will be using the term ‘Textmergency’ from now on.

The originality of the songs on Crazy Ex Girlfriend is astounding.  The way this show comes up with full song and dance numbers based on a single theme is amazing. Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine a rock ‘n roll song based on a texting error!  This show outdoes itself every week.

Take a look to see what I mean:

Rebecca successfully deletes the text off Josh’s phone but gets caught in his place.  Unfortunately, she creates a lie about a robbery at her place, using Paula as backup to make the scenario look real.

I believe Rebecca made a huge mistake and possibly destroyed her relationship with Josh.  On the plus side, enlisting Paula (who brings husband Scott along on the Rebecca caper) helps saves Paula’s marriage.  How can you not love a husband who agrees to throw a rock into a window, no questions asked?

Paula finally shares with Scott everything about the tales of Rebecca, the Crazy Ex Girlfriend.  I was missing not seeing the theme song on the episode when Paula and husband Scott talked the whole lyrics.  Brilliant show!

When a show is this creative, it deserves all the accolades it receives.

What did you think of Crazy Ex Girlfriend?  Sound off in the comments.  Or tweet @thenerdygirlexp and @stacyamiller85 .


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