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I am honored to be the twin sister of Tracy Diane Miller.  She is a very talented poet who can write poetry on any subject. However, she enjoys writing poetry offering praise and also comfort for various persons from those in the entertainment, music and literary industry as well as friends and strangers. She recently spoke with me about her passion for writing and her inspirations.

What do you enjoy most about being a poet?

“First, I LOVE being called a poet. It takes me back to my childhood when I first discovered my love for writing poetry. In an ideal world, I would have chosen a career as a poet rather than going to law school and spending decades in the legal profession (laughs). I love law and will be forever grateful that I was fortunate to attend an Ivy League law school on a full academic scholarship, but I never felt the passion for law that I feel for writing poetry. I’ve been blessed to be able to reveal myself and my feelings for the people and things that are a part of my life through poetry. It’s a gift and a responsibility I enjoy and take very seriously.

I want to honor the imagery and have my poems display an emotional depth. I know the emotions I feel when I write. I’m always happy when others who read my work tell me that I have inspired them in some way.
I still consider myself a novice about social media. I spend more of my internet time writing on my blog ( ) and Twitter. I sometimes forget that I’m on Facebook (laughs). I still have alot to learn about social media. However, the one thing I made non negotiable when I finally decided to join Twitter was to stay away from negativity. To that end, I make sure that I keep the people I follow to a minimum. My Twitter experience, and what I hope I give to others as a writer, is about joy, hope and resiliency of the human spirit.”

I see on your blog that you have written many Supernatural episode poems. Why did you decide to do that?

“I LOVE Supernatural! Fans of the show owe a debt of gratitude to Eric Kripke, the writers, directors, cast and crew. Especially Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles who are Sam and Dean Winchester. Padalecki and Ackles took a little horror show about monsters and started a dialogue about the importance of family and broaden the definition of family. Family is a connection through blood and through emotions. Genetics gives us our blood relations. But we exercise a choice as to who we want as a family in our hearts.

But to answer your question: I started writing short Twitter poems for Supernatural episodes each time an episode aired on TNT or the CW. When I started my blog in January, 2016, I decided to challenge myself and write a full length poem for every Supernatural episode that has ever aired by January 18, 2017. I wrote my first Supernatural episode poem on January 18, 2016. I have written 44 Supernatural episode poems so far. I have given myself a full year to meet my challenge (laughs). So far, I’ve written poems for Season 1, the first 12 episodes of Season 2 and poems for various Seasons 4, 5 and 10 episodes. It has been SO much fun! I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how easily the words have flowed for the Supernatural episode poems.”

What other types of things can we find on your blog?

“Of course, poetry is my main passion so the bulk of my blog content is devoted to poetry. I’ve written poems for actors, musicians, friends, and even other writers. I ADORE Nicki Aycox! She’s an AMAZINGLY talented actress and musician. I’ve written countless poems for her. Her EP, Red Velvet Room, is BRILLIANT. My Muse loves Nicki as well (laughs). Whenever I listen to Nicki’s songs, a poem is literally born. I hope that more people will discover Nicki’s musical talent.

I’ve written poems for musicians Brian Buckley and Mandy Rowden. These are two artists that people should take notice. Brian Buckley Band’s music is ingenious and emotionally satisfying. I just discovered Mandy last year. Her album, These Bad Habits, is incredible, vulnerable yet strong.

I’ve been a fan of actress Terri Garber since the 1980s. I’ve been fortunate to connect with Terri on Twitter and enjoy writing poems for her. Through Terri, I discovered her friend Jane. Jane is a MARVELOUS photographer! I find myself so mesmerized by her pictures that I get inspired to write poetry about her work!
Lisa N. Edwards and Tracie Banister are two of my favorite authors. I love reviewing their books. Edwards books, Can’t Fight Fate and Chasing Butterflies, speak to pre-destiny and has a message of courage and determination that we all can take to heart. Banister’s books Twin Piques, In Need of Therapy and Blame It On The Fame, are gems. She knows how to use humor and drama to her full creative advantage. Plus, she uses Shakespearean references. I’ve loved Shakespeare since I was a high school freshman in 1979. Any writer who can appreciate Shakespeare and use him flawlessly in her books has my vote (laughs).

I wrote a piece on Internity, a television show created by very talented writer, Joey Adams. Internity is a dramedy offering a middle-aged woman as its central character. As a middle-aged woman myself, I admire that Joey Adams’ Internity will be addressing issues important to me in a comedic and dramatic fashion. I applaud him for the bold decision to write a show like this especially since television advertisers often forget those of us over fifty. Internity is definitely something we need on the television landscape.
I reviewed Big Mo, a children’s book by new author Megan Padalecki. Megan also illustrated the book so it’s a visual delight as well as conveying an important message about the importance of conservation. In addition, I’ve written several poems for Megan.

Finally, I’ve been a fan of Jared Padalecki since his days on Gilmore Girls. Of course, I love his current portrayal of Supernatural’s Sam Winchester. But I feel most grateful to Jared for his Always Keep Fighting campaign. Jared has bravely and honestly revealed his own struggles with anxiety and depression. For people like myself who suffer from depression, Always Keep Fighting gives us a community and a voice. Because of this campaign, I discovered Attitudes in Reverse, a non-profit organization working to start conversations on good mental health and to end the stigma associated with mental illness.
I have written numerous poetry posted on my blog and on Facebook for Jared and Always Keep Fighting. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to attend a Supernatural convention at this point so I haven’t met Jared. I do wish I could thank him in person for Always Keep Fighting and that he could read some of my Always Keep Fighting poems. If I could meet Jared Padalecki just once, I could die happy (laughs).”

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4 thoughts on “Interview With Poet Tracy Diane Miller via @stacyamiller85 @tdmiller820917 @poetic_td

  1. I love you both!!!! Twitter is far too short in characters to express that. I think it’s super inspirational that even though you loved poetry from day 1 you went into law and still enjoyed that but poetry never left your heart. You two are awesomely kind and genuine and generous, and you are never big headed or ungrateful for all that you have, and I think you will inspire many a people , including myself … Lovely interview and amazing work 🙂


  2. What a wonderful interview! Great questions, Stacy! So nice to get a look at your creative process, Tracy. You have such a talent for writing poetry, and I’m honored to have been the recipient of some of your pieces. Keep up the good work on your blog!


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