Life of Dirty Harry: A Look At #Wentworth ‘s Harry Smith via @stacyamiller85

One can say that everything that has happened to Bea Smith at Wenworth was the fault of one man- her husband, Harry Smith.

This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen Wentworth, please do not continue reading.

Harry Smith was an abusive husband who preferred to use wife Bea as his personal punching bag. Tired of it, Bea decided to end it by ending Harry’s life.  Unfortunately for her, Bea’s scheme was discovered  and she was arrested.

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Everything that followed, Bea getting on Jacs Holt’s hit list, which made the mob matriarch order her son Brayden to befriend Bea and Harry’s daughter Debbie and Brayden eventually killing Debbie, was a direct result of how Harry had treated his wife. Bea ordered Harry to “man up” and avenge their daughter’s death by killing Brayden.  But of course, Harry disappointed her by failing to accomplish the task.

Harry suffered a beating from the Red Right Hand, a vigilante group dedicated to protecting battered women, after Bea Smith became their unofficial spokeswoman. And met his demise at the hands of Joan Ferguson.

It’s a pity that Harry couldn’t have been a different man.  Then he would have been a better husband and his wife wouldn’t have been sent to prison and his daughter would still be alive.

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4 thoughts on “Life of Dirty Harry: A Look At #Wentworth ‘s Harry Smith via @stacyamiller85

  1. The red right hand never killed anybody. Ferguson is the one who killed Harry. The red right hand only beat up men they never killed.


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