The Wedding of @GeneralHospital Alexis and Julian via @stacyamiller85 #GH

Fans of General Hospital couple Alexis Davis and Julian Jerome have reason to be excited.

Friday, February 19 is the scheduled wedding day for this couple.


For anyone unfamiliar with the storyline, as a teenager Alexis Davis met mob son Julian Jerome at a party the then under aged girl stuck out to attend.  Unprotected sex in the backseat of his car resulted in Alexis becoming pregnant.  She gave the baby up for adoption and went on with her life.

Years later, Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) was reunited with her daughter, Sam (Kelly Monaco) and forged a relationship.  As fate would have it, Alexis also reestablished contact with Julian (William Devry).  At first the two were unaware of each other’s identity. But once they discovered and recalled their tryst, a romance happened. Julian and daughter Sam also bonded.

But because Julian still had mob ties, Alexis ended their relationship several times. During one of their separations, Julian had a New Year’s Eve one night stand with Olivia Falconieri (Lisa LoCicero) which resulted in another unplanned pregnancy and birth of baby Leo.

Alexis and Julian were able to accept each other’s faults and got back together. Now they’re getting married. But the question is, will Juilain’s mob history keep them from tying the knot?

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