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Katherine Ramdeen has really left her mark on the Supernatural universe and with fans playing wayward daughter, Alex Jones.  She first appeared in the Season 9 episode “Alex Annie Alex Ann” and most recently this season’s “Don’t You Forget About Me.” Katherine spoke with The Nerdy Girl Express about her feelings on returning to Supernatural, the character of Alex and what she’s passionate about outside of acting. Read below to find out what she had to say.

How was it being back on Supernatural?


“I was SO HAPPY when I heard probably last September that they were writing me back in! My agent was contacted asking for my availability as getting Kim Rhodes, Kat Newton & myself all available at the same time takes some advance planning! It took less than a day to feel at home again on the set. I met up for coffee with Stefan, our director, before shooting and caught up. Love that man. He is truly as talented as he is kind and I’ve been so happy and fortunate to have worked with him 3 times now, twice on SPN!!! I could gush for hours about him haha.”

Did you like the change in Alex since your first episode?

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“I preferred the darker side of Alex that we saw in her first episode, but seeing Alex happy was interesting and only made her more complex and layered. She has spent half her life as an accomplice to a bunch of serial killers. And brainwashed into a cult of vampires. And missed out on a normal childhood. So the fact that she can “take a biology quiz” or whatever it was after a weekend of being kidnapped and finding out she’s been stalked by a crazy vampire and her entire highschool life has been a fraud is just insane. When Henry turned out to be a monster, I think Alex lost a huge part of her heart. She was finally letting a guy in. She’s only had traumatic experiences with pedophiles really. I think it’ll take a while for her to open her heart like that again, she has some serious trust issues. But she’s so lucky to have Jody, Claire, and the Winchesters in her life too. I think she’ll be fine and I want to thank Nancy Won, the episode writer, for keeping Alex so awesome!”

What do you enjoy most about playing Alex?

“I love her personality. She’s caring and genuine and also focused, and strong. I like that her masculine energy is pervasive but that she has a delicateness to her as well. Most of all she FEELS so passionately. In her first episode she hid her emotions out of survival, and now feeling more safe, she is letting herself explore other sides of herself. Playing a character with layers like an actual human is any actor’s dream!”

What do you think of a possible spinoff with Jody, Alex and Claire?

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“A spinoff with Alex, Jody and Claire would be obviously amazing! They compliment each other so well and I think TV could definitely use more girl power!”

Can you tell us about any upcoming projects you may have?

“I’ve got a number of projects in post-production that you can find on IMDb and I’ve recently started streaming live on a website called twitch, – but viewer discretion advised, there’s a lot of profanity lol.”

Besides acting, is there anything else you’re passionate about?

“I’m passionate about animal rights, veganism, ufology, and gaming (Dota 2). I’ve got a petition to ban declawing cats in Vancouver BC, that I’d love if you guys could support!

Any final comments you’d like to share with fans? 

“Thank you for your continued support and be sure to check out my twitter, fb and twitch! LLAP, Katherine xxo.”

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