#GH ‘s Brytni Sarpy Shines as Valerie via @stacyamiller85 @_Brytni #GHFanFeb

It’s been almost a year since the character of Valerie Spencer made her first appearance on ABC’s General Hospital.

Actress Brytni Sarpy debuted in March, 2015 as the long-lost niece of Luke Spencer, daughter of his never before mentioned older sister, Patricia played by veteran television and film actress Dee Wallace.

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Almost overnight, the character of Valerie became an immediate fan favorite. There were viewers supporting a pairing of Valerie and cousin Lulu’s estranged husband Dante.

Brytni Sarpy has proven she has the acting chops to play in scenes against powerhouse pros like Geary.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Sarpy last August.  I found her to be thoughtful, charming and with a clear direction on her character.  She was honest in her view that Valerie was a young woman who was getting her bearings in a new town and with a new family.  It had always been just she and her mother but now her life had changed. Valerie had made mistakes but she was still a person with values.

With Sarpy’s year anniversary fast approaching, the character of Valerie’s storyline has expanded with her now as a Port Charles Police Cadet and making new connections.

I look forward to the new and exciting stage of this character’s life.

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