Why #CrazyExGirlfriend Should Be Renewed via @stacyamiller85 @Racheldoesstuff

Crazy Ex Girlfriend has become one of the most talked about new series. In a short amount of time, it has endeared itself to fans and critics. Viewers eagerly tune in each week to see the antics of Rebecca Bunch, played with comedic brilliance by Rachel Bloom. The songs that accompany some of the scenes add to the narrative.

With the success of the first season, it should be guaranteed of a second season right? No exactly, in an industry full of surprises, it’s anyone’s guess.download

Here are the top reasons I feel Crazy Ex Girlfriend should be renewed for a second season:

  • Perfect Cast

Any viewer of Crazy Ex Girlfriend can tell you that it has an extremely talented cast.  Each actor plays his or her role to perfection and are a valuable piece to the series puzzle.

  • Brilliant Writing

The writing holds viewer interest.  Rachel Bloom’s Rebecca could have been the stereotypical ‘Crazy Ex Girlfriend’ but as the theme song’s lyrics go ‘It’s more nuance than that.’ Rebecca is not just a stalker of the guy she met years ago in summer camp.  Sure, she uprooted her life and moved from New York to West Covina in order to be near Josh, but I feel her presence in Josh’s life has helped to boost his confidence along with hers.  He has stated in a few episodes how much her encouragement has meant to him. Each character has their own insecurities which make them accessible to audiences who feel, they’re just like you and me- good people with baggage.

  • A Broadway Musical Every week

A good story with great music, that’s the definition of a musical.  Well, Crazy Ex Girlfriend is like a Broadway musical, an excellent Broadway musical. Anyone who watches the show or has purchased the soundtrack can tell you that the songs are original and unique and take the scenes to the next level.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend is a feel good show, viewers feel good while watching and the feeling lasts longer after the end of the episode. It would be a shame to lose something this amazing.

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