Tonight’s The Season Finale of #TeenWolf @MTVteenwolf via @erinwise82

Tonight is the night where we go to hell…..and back. Will our burning questions finally be answered?


We know Mason is the Beast, but now that the Beast has remembered who he really is, is this the end of Mason? Can Scott actually find a way to save him?
In the promos, the Argents make it out as if Mason can be saved….Man, I really hope that’s true. I really like Mason and I believe he has really been a great ally to the pack….ya know excluding the while Beast thing, I mean in his defense he didn’t know what he was doing.


Scott has a lot on his plate, that’s for sure. He’s got to find a way to save Mason. Protect Stiles and Malia from the Desert Wolf. Deal with this homicidal Beast. Figure out how to get rid of these damn Dread Doctors. And keep everyone alive…..


Thank goodness for Lydia. She’s one smart cookie. She gets it, they need each other to stand any chance against the Beast. I’m glad she got that point across to Parrish. Let’s be real, a season finale without the Hellhound would have sucked!


Can the Skin Walkers really help Kira put the sword back together? They said they could at a price….What is that price gonna be? Maybe to keep her after she helps her friends? The possibilities are endless, especially with this show.
Just a hours away now, the excitement is killing me. I have to know what happens.

Let me know your thought in the comments below or find me on Twitter @thenerdygirlexp or @erinwise82

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