Interview With Gracyn Shinyei via @stacyamiller85 @GracynGirl @WCTH_TV #Hearties

When I spoke with When Calls The Heart’s Gracyn Shinyei, I was very impressed with her.  She is the young actress who plays Emily Montgomery and also played Young Amara in The CW’s Supernatural.  Despite her age, Gracyn is very focused and expresses herself well.  She’s extremely talented and enjoys acting. To find out more about Gracyn, read on.

How did you get started in acting?

“Well my brother started to act and it was really exciting for him. We watched him in things he was in and I wanted to be like that.  So, I started to act.  And our agent, he’s at our dance studio, he kind of took us under his wing.  So that’s how I got started into acting.”

And how old were you when you first started acting officially?

“I was four years old.”

You guest on Supernatural as the child Amara, The Darkness.  What did you enjoy best about playing Amara in Supernatural?

“To get to play a devil child who wants to take over the world is a really cool part.  And another part was doing the special effects, that was lots of fun.  How they would line your face up and they showed you it when you were doing the lines in the studio.”

Have you done anything else that had special effects before? Or was that your first and only one?

“It’s been my first so far.”

Who are your favorite actors?

“My favorite actors would be Jason Miller, Erin Krakow and Steve Carrell.

If you could play any character on television or in a movie, who would you want to play?

“I would be Stephanie Tanner from Full House.”

Can you tell our readers what you like about working on When Calls The Heart?

“What I like about working on When Calls The Heart is that they have lots of cool clothing and really cool hairstyles for me, and I also like meeting new background kids and new guest star kids.  That’s really fun, I met lots of people on set.”

What do you like best about your character Emily?

“What I like best about my character Emily is that she loves her teacher Elizabeth Thatcher and she makes school really easy for them and school’s not really easy in real life now.  So that’s one thing that I like.  And an another thing is that she has two amazing big brothers Miles and Gabe.”

How do you balance your everyday life with acting?

“It’s hard because you have to start getting into homeschooling and my dad has to sit down with me everyday and go over what we do in everyday school.  But I usually get it done in about two hours.  What’s hard about it is I either do dance or acting so if I get a really cool acting job and a dance competition, it would be hard to chose between the two of them.”

What’s the hardest scene you’ve ever played?

“In a new movie that I just did that’s coming up soon, I had to cry for a really long time on camera. When you watch the tapes, sometimes I didn’t have enough tears or had too much tears and because I had to do it for a really long time, that was hard for me.  I have to think about something sad to be able to cry on camera.”

Is there anything else you’d like fans to know about you?

“One time that was kind of funny was during Cookie Cutter Christmas before I got the job, I was at my friend’s house and my dad told me that I had an audition.  And I had to sing a song.  Me  and my friend ended up doing the audition together and we both got the job.”

I know that Gracyn will go far in her career.  She’s very grounded and has the support of her family.

The Nerdy Girl Express wishes her much success with her career.

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