#GameofThrones Season 6 Red Band Trailer via @quietlikeastorm

We’ve seen the teaser pics. We’ve seen the teaser trailer. Now, finally, we have a full trailer of the upcoming season six Game of Thrones.

What did you think about it? The witch is feeling down, something is happening with Jon Snow possibly or about what happened to him? I’m still holding out hope that the witch will, um, fix that situation. Cersei, Jamie and their son are waging war now. Danerys looks to be a prisoner, will the others find her? It looked as if Sansa found a safe place to be after escaping Winterfell. Where do you think that is? Tell me all your thoeries, ideas and thoughts in the comments below or over on my twitter, @quietlikeastorm.

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Game of Thrones returns to HBO on Sunday, April 24th at its regular 9:00PM time slot.

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