Recap @Gotham Wrath of the Villains: Prisoners via @luckynerdgirl

Last time on Gotham we witnessed one family being reunited and another family being torn apart. This week, all of those things come undone.

Oswald was reunited with the father he never knew, Elijah Van Dahl. So happy to learn of his son, Elijah brings him into the fold with no questions asked. His wife and her two children are less than thrilled.

Jim is going about the daily routine that is prison. Currently he has been in protective custody, but as we soon find out, the warden has other plans for him. Today’s the day Gordon gets put in gen pop. Not to exciting if you are a former police officer and half the men in there are criminals you put away.  As he’s escorted to his new cell, the warden mentions that if Jim is a “team player” things will work out fine for him. I’m seriously sensing that the warden is a crooked man.

Oswald is finding his new home to be quite comfortable. It seems like for the first time that things are going well in his life. While sitting down to enjoy a family dinner, he asks how Grace and his father met. Turns out that she was a waitress who worked at a local diner that Van Dahl visited often after his mother died. She told some sob story about an abusive husband and Elijah took pity on them and gave them refuge. Apparently love blossomed and they were married. I think we can all see where this is heading (gold digger). Oswald’s father however, mentions that he is his only true heir. Cut to step-daughter breaking a glass. Afraid of getting cut out of the will are we? Later on we discover that Elijah’s health isn’t that great. He has a hole in his heart that apparently is getting bigger, but the doctor has him on medicine that is supposed to help. Cue Grace with his daily dose of “medicine” that turns out not to be medicine at all but is in fact breath mints. I knew she wasn’t to be trusted!

Harvey decided to go and pay a visit to Jim and see how he is doing. Bullock mentions that he is trying everything he can to get him out of there, but it’s going to take some time. Jim just needs to keep his head down and his nose clean and maybe Dent can get him an appeal. Jim changes the subject by asking how Lee is doing. Harvey gets a grim look on his face so of course we are all fearing the worst at this moment! With regret, he tells Jim that Lee lost the baby. She moved down south somewhere and hasn’t heard from her first. Naturally Jim is completely stunned and taken aback.  Harvey tells him to not let this beat him. To keep up hope. Hope is looking like it’s going to be in short supply right now. Jim leaves to go back inside when he’s confronted by another inmate. Apparently he is the brother of one of the Red Hood bank robbers who Jim had killed. This gets him a major beating which none of the guards seemed intent on stopping. We then hear the warden say to another prisoner that he wants the “boy scout” dead by the end of the week. Welcome to Gotham, city of the crooked!

Later we see Oswald having nightmares about his past. He goes downstairs for some reason, and sees his father sleep walking. After escorting him back to bed, he confesses to his father that he wasn’t always a good person. He was a criminal and did terrible things. Elijah however doesn’t seem to be bothered by this. He simply says that he doesn’t care about his past and that today is all that matters. The next day, Grace and her children come to break some bad news to Van Dahl. They found out who Oswald really was. Obviously they are trying to get rid of him by using his past reputation as ammunition. Alas, their plan fails as Cobblepot already confessed those transgressions to his father. Time for plan B. What’s plan B? Grace has that all figured out. She has her daughter try to seduce Oswald. He doesn’t take the bait though and yet another plan fails.

Apparently Harvey is getting desperate to help Jim out, so he goes and visits an old friend. That old friend happens to be none other than our favorite (retired) crime boss, Don Falcone. I think Bullock knows that Gordon is on borrowed time being in general population. Sure enough, one of the guards come up to Jim and tells him that its movie night tonight. All the baddies crammed into one room with the lights out. He tells Jim to be prepared. For what I think we can all guess. As Jim is forced to sit in a specific seat, the inmate from earlier who beat up Gordon, sits directly behind him. Everyone seems to be on edge and you just know something is about to go down. Another inmate sitting next to the man who beat Jim up hands him a shank. Here we go! But before had can do what he is supposed to, another inmate jumps up and gets Gordon on the ground. He then proceeds to stab him over and over while he screams “you’re dead! You’re dead pig!” This is obviously a ruse as we soon find out. Jim is taken out of the prison in a body bag where he’s met by Harvey and the guard who warned him to be prepared. Looks like Falcone still has some pull around this town!

Back at the Van Dahl manor, Oswald and his father are spending some quality time together. Suddenly Elijah collapses in front of his son. The doctor is sent for and he has a grim prognoses. The hole in Elijah’s heart has gotten bigger and now he also has an infection. He’s done what he can, but doesn’t seem to hopeful. He tells Oswald that its time to get his affairs in order. Oswald’s father however isn’t scared of what the doctor is saying. He knows they’ll have many years o spend together. He’s also not a total idiot either and asks his wife to send over the lawyer. Not what Grace wants to hear. Since all the other plans failed, she finally decides to go with a more drastic approach to getting rid of Oswald. Poison. She brings something to drink for him as he and his father continue to bond. Elijah doesn’t normally drink due to his health, but just this once he decides to hell with it. It would be his undoing.

What does this mean for Oswald? He has lost the only other person who seemed to show him love. Is this going to set him back to his old ways? And what about Jim? Now that he’s out of prison, he has to stay hidden. But that doesn’t look like it’s going to stop him from trying to clear his name!

What do you think the future holds? Let me know in the comments below. You can also tweet me @luckynerdgirl. Make sure you tune into Gotham on Fox Monday to find out! For all your nerdy news, keep tuned to The Nerdy Girl Express! @thenerdygirlexp



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