The Beauty Volume 1 by @jerhaun & @jasonahurley Comic Book Review via @luckynerdgirl

It’s no secret that I love this comic book series. I’ve mentioned it a number of times on twitter and I know I’m not alone! When I found out they were releasing the first 6 comics of The Beauty into one volume I knew I had to have it! The first thing I noticed about the book was the quality. The book is very well made and put together. This is an all color comic book which I am ecstatic about. Jeremy Haun’s artwork is brilliant and John Rauch brings it to life with his colorist skills! The story line grips you and you don’t want to stop reading to find out what happens next.

I’ll try not to give too much of the story away if you haven’t read this series. The Beauty is an S.T.D that appeared two years ago and has since spread like wildfire. The thing is, people actually wanted to get this disease. It makes you extraordinarily beautiful, hence its name. While over half the country has the disease, the other half hates those that have it. Anti-Beauty groups have been popping up. Most of those groups try to spread information about the disease and how to avoid it. Much like people today talk about how to prevent S.T.D’s. But there are a few groups who take matters into their own hands, often using hatred and terrorist-like attacks on those who have The Beauty.

Things start to get out of hand when some who are infected start dying in strange ways. The police send two detectives, Drew and his partner Detective Vaughn, to investigate these gruesome deaths. The police department and CDC want to cover up these deaths by attributing them to the violent outbreaks of the Anti-Beauty terror groups. These deaths however have nothing to do with those groups. The Beauty is killing people and Drew and his partner are determined to find out!

This storyline points to an ever growing trend in our own society to be perfect. Have the best skin, the best makeup, be skinny but not too skinny; to promote their comic series, the creators of the comic came out with a campaign called #beautyfree on social media! So go on! I’m pledging to be #beautyfree! Will you?

Needless to say, this comic series keeps you on your toes. I personally can’t wait until they release the next issues so that I can find out the fate of the detectives and the country! If you haven’t already read this comic, I highly recommend that you go to your local comic book shop and ask for The Beauty! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed! It was released by Image Comics and is the brain child of Jeremy Haun and Jason A. Hurley.

If you’ve read this comic tell me what you thought about it in the comments below! You can also tweet me what you thought @luckynerdgirl. Follow @thenerdygirlexp for more nerdy news!


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