@OutsidersWGN Continuing On The Fight For Shay Mountain via @erinwise82

Continuing on my Outsiders journey, this show is getting really intense. The secrets and legends of Shay Mountain are coming to light left and right. The coal company is doing everything in it’s power to get the Ferrells of their land. The war is on it’s way….who will win…..win the mountain.
Half the town wants the Ferrells off the mountain so they can have jobs, the other half want them to be left alone. For 200 years they’ve been on that mountain, they don’t plan on going anywhere.


Big Foster has terminated his mother’s reign as leader and taken over. He’s making sure to step on everyone’s toes, so they know who’s in charge from here on out. I don’t know exactly what has happened in the past with Big Foster and Little Foster, but Big Foster sure likes to take everything from his very loyal son, including his woman. Big Foster claimed Gwin, which she agreed. One has to wonder just what she’s up to. She’s said that she can change Foster, but he has been acting as those he’s been poisoned. Has she poisoned him or is the mountain punishing him for taking his mother’s life?


Most the town believes there’s some kind of voodoo involved with them Ferrells, so they really don’t mess with them. Years ago when the last coal company tried to get the Ferrells off the mountain, some Ferrells and townsfolk died. A couple days later, the current sheriff’s father was struck dead by lightening. Ferrell magic or karma? After last week’s episode, I still don’t have an answer, but we have  dead townsman sitting in the middle of town.


This may help the coal company but may strike more fear in the town. Right now, everything is up in the air. I can’t wait to continue the Ferrell journey as it gets more and more intense. One thing I can say for sure…they ain’t getting them Ferrells off that mountain….alive.


Have you been on Shay Mountain with the Ferrells? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or find me on Twitter @thenerdygirlexp or @erinwise82

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