@Gotham recap “Into the Woods” via @luckynerdgirl

Well, we had to wait an extra week to see the newest episode of Gotham, but I can say it was definitely worth the wait! This episode had so many different elements going on at once that it was a bit dizzying (in a good way of course). Beware, there are spoilers ahead in 3…2….1. 

Last week ended with the death of Oswald Cobblepot’s father, Elijah. So naturally we would move forward to the funeral. Oswald is clearly shaken up and distraught at losing his father. He had finally felt some sense of normal life but unfortunately it was not to be. I’m not sure it could get much worse for our favorite Penguin. Oh wait…It can! At the conclusion of the funeral, Grace asks Oswald if he would like her to call him a cab or if he is going to ride the bus. With an obviously confused Cobblepot, Grace tells him that she doesn’t want him back at the house because she doesn’t feel comfortable living with a criminal. Ouch! But wait! It gets better (or worse?). Oswald pleads with Grace to let him stay saying that he will do anything. Wrong words my dear. She lets him stay on one condition — that he be their servant. Ouch…maybe we should start calling him Penguin-ella? Cinder-penguin?


Meanwhile, things are not all well in the GCPD. Now that the news is out that Jim Gordon had escaped from prison, Captain Barnes is all up in Detective Bullocks bollocks! He keeps pressing the detective to tell him where Jim is, but good ol’ Harvey isn’t going to roll over on his partner and plays innocent to knowing Gordon’s whereabouts. Back at Harvey’s apartment, Jim is going through all the evidence that got him convicted of murder. He finds out about Internal Affairs making secret tapes of all the phone calls they get. Being the fantastic partner that he is, Harvey calls one of the IA agents that he apparently has a *cough* “history” with and gets Jim the key to the IA evidence locker. He finds his file and locates the tape of the so-called witness to the murder of Theo Galavan.

Jumping over to Arkham we see that Stabby Babs is awake and seems almost normal. Not really sure I believe that. And neither did Ms. Peabody. She thinks it is an act but Doctor Strange isn’t so sure. Ms. Peabody wants to subject her to the nightmare treatment, but Strange has another plan for her. He ends up releasing her saying that she is sane and that it would be wrong for him to keep Barbara locked up. Peabody thinks it’s the wrong thing to do, but Strange just says that this will be a perfect experiment. I’m getting the “Mad Scientist” vibe from him more and more!

Remember that tape I mentioned earlier? Well, Jim wants to get it cleaned up to see if there is anything else he can learn from it. So of course, he decides to go to the one person that is the most qualified to do that…..Edward Nygma. Jim surprises Nygma at his apartment and of course this has him completely spooked and even more paranoid than he has been. Nygma tries to play it cool by helping Jim while secretly trying to come up with a way I’m sure to stop him. He doesn’t do a very good job and Gordon starts to suspect that something is up. He is a detective after all. When the tape is all cleaned up, the sound that Jim thought was a bird was in fact a cuckoo clock. Nygma’s cuckoo clock. Gordon pulls a gun and Edward electrocutes him before he can stop him. As Nygma tries to load Jim in his car to dispose of him, Jim gets away, but not before taking a bullet to the thigh. While Nygma tries to find him in an abandoned building, he mentions KK (Kristen Kringle). Probably not a smart move Ed.

Meanwhile, back at the Van Dahl residence, Oswald is trying his best to be a good servant, but is being treated horribly by Grace and her children. But that is soon going to change. While making a cocktail for Grace, Oswald stumbles upon the decanter that contained the spirit that sent his father into the spirit world. Only at this point he has no idea that there is poison within. It does have a funny smell however and so he decides to give some to the family Doberman. Poor dog never stood a chance. Could this mean the return of the Penguin that we so adore?

Wondering about Jim? Don’t worry, I didn’t forget! Being a fugitive of the law has its downsides. Like the fact that you can’t go to the hospital when you’ve been shot! So where does our future Commissioner go? To Selina Kyle of course. Our Kat has been busy showing Bruce the ways of the streets up to this point and Gordon is certainly surprised to see him when he shows up at Selina’s place. Of course, he isn’t in great shape to start asking questions because he is now passed out. When he finally comes to, Jim is at Wayne Manor being patched up and taken care of by Alfred. Bruce says that they will help Jim in any way they can, but Jim has another idea. He needs someone who will betray him. That someone would be Selina of course! She goes to GCPD and loudly asks for the $10k reward being offered for info on Jim’s whereabouts. She says she knows where he is and that he said something about a girls body? Nygma of course takes the bait!

In a panic, Edward decides to go back out to the woods and move Kristen’s body. Jim followed him and confronts Ed, but Nygma isn’t going to give up. He points his gun at Gordon, but apparently he isn’t as smart as he thinks he is. Gordon didn’t come alone. He brought Captain Barnes, Harvey Bullock and about a dozen of GCPD’s finest! Bye Nygma!

Its Sunday now and Oswald is busy getting the “roast” prepared that Grace demanded. When he serves her dinner, he is noticeably different. His hair is back to its sassy way, and he’s wearing the suit that his father made for him just before he died. Grace is leery and tells him to call the children again. He keeps avoiding the subject as she he has Grace try each roast. She dislikes them both but only because she wants Oswald to feel bad. It isn’t working and she is getting more and more suspicious of him. Grace demands to know where her children are and instead of answering her, he makes mention of the “meat” again. He then makes her aware that the son was much more tender than the daughter! BOOM! Drop the mic moment for sure! This moment gave me flashbacks of Fried Green Tomatoes…”Secret’s in the sauce!” As Grace undoubtedly begins to freak out, Oswald proceeds to Michael Myers the bitch! Oh come on, she had it coming and you were just as excited as I was to see her get it! The Penguin is back!


The episode ends with Nygma being escorted to Arkham Asylum, Penguin toasting a glass of wine to his dearly departed step-mother, and Stabby Babs showing up to say hello to Jim!

Whew! That was a whirlwind of events! I sense that things are going to continue to get crazy as our little Batman has ended things with Selina to pursue his fathers secrets. What is on that computer??? I hope we find out soon!

What was your favorite part of this weeks episode? Let me know in the comments below! You can also tweet me @luckynerdgirl on twitter using #thenerdygirlexpress. Make sure you give @thenerdygirlexp a follow to keep up to date with all things nerdy!



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