An interview with #iZombie guest star @Farrow_Natalie by @_JonathanWhite_ #TheNerdyGirlExpress

icon3So let’s start off with getting to know a little about you. I notice that not only are you an actor you’re a producer as well, very smart. So which did you start out pursuing first?


iconI started pursuing acting first. I started acting when I was thirteen. I was cast in a short film right out of my high school drama class and introduced to the realm of TV and Film through that. I went to school for Event Planning and that transitioned really nicely into producing. I really fell into it, I was helping a friend on her series doing everything a producer would do, but with out the title. Then we decided I needed an official title and I became a producer. 


icon3I Love how that works. People don’t realize just how often there is a transition or growth into things they didn’t expect to at first. You get into something and realize you have a knack for something else as well.


iconTotally! Also with that, I also started helping in story development on the series and it really started transitioning. That’s how I came to be co-creator and from there I worked with the writer (who is also a co-creator) on some of the episodes. It was really great to experience all areas of film production.


icon3Alright so, I also notice that, this is not your only CW guest roll, was it your time on the flash that inspired you to try out for #iZombie?


iconI was so blessed with the opportunity to work on the Flash. I actually didn’t have to audition for it, they booked me right off my headshot which was amazing! I didn’t really have anything to do with auditioning for iZombie. My agent is the one who suggests me to casting and then if they like my look they bring me in for an audition. But I’m so glad they did because I love iZombie and I’ve always loved the CW network. I dream of one day being a series lead or series regular on a CW show.


icon3Oh that’s really cool! And makes sense, i’m actually hoping they bring you back on the show as you seemed to fit right in. I didn’t see you get hit in the episode and seeing as how there is a Zombie uprising and all, fingers crossed!


iconAwe I’m glad you thought I fit in there. I would absolutely love to come back, and since my character worked for Vaughn I guess I’m technically now on Vivian’s pay roll! Andrea was such a darling as well, I’d love my character to come back working for her.


icon3Ok, now let’s get into your time on set. Now, in your role you play an adorably cute scientist named Ginger, who, in the end goes full on Zombie.  How long did it take you get to Zombified? 


iconIt took me longer than Raf (Vlad) and Chad (Wyatt). They were struggling to get the colour of my skin right, the make-up was setting too grey. I spent maybe half an hour back at the hair and make up trailer. They had to take some of it off and redo it, but I was needed back on set before they were done, so they had to finish it up on set. The contacts were the last thing to go in thankfully, they are not easy to see out of!

I was a little scared to get the make up, as I’m actually scared of zombies, now when I say that I mean walking dead type zombies. I was scared I was going to be scared of myself! But it ended up looking super cool, and I’d be a zombie again with out a doubt.


icon3Well they definitely did an amazing job on you, really love the way they went with the look of the Zombies on this show! Was it a hassle getting the contacts in and out? I actually thought the eye thing was mostly CGI so cool to find out that there were props involved


iconI remember when Tanja the 2nd AD told me we were getting contacts in. I was so nervous, I’ve never worn contacts before. Kim the contacts technician was so sweet though, she fitted us so the contacts would fit perfectly and she put them in and out for us. So my job was pretty easy I just had to sit there and let her do the work. Everyone was so encouraging and supportive, I’m glad I had the opportunity to face my fear and grow as a person and actor so now if I ever have to wear them again I know I can do it.


icon3Did the Zombie come off as easy as it went on?



iconThere was some serious rubbing involved, but it came of way easier than it went on. Luckily at the end of the day you can go back to the hair and make up trailer where they have hot wet towels to take your make up off with. It’s so nice considering we wrapped at midnight so all I had to do was drive home and hop into bed!


icon3See, this too. People don’t realize how much work goes into things like this behind the scenes. they think its all about shaking hands and partying, but they don’t get that you guys have long hours and night shifts too and on top of it you got to act like somebody else.


iconYeah it can be long hours and lots of hard work. Lots of people assume I live this fairy tale life kicking back eating crafty. I’m like yeah-no! There is for sure that component but we’re there to do a job and it can be fun but also hard work. That’s why I was so blown away watching Rose. She started at 10 or 11 am and it was probably close to 8 or 9 pm and she was shooting the scene where she kills Drake. I was blown away, she was Rose, playing Liv, but not just Liv, Liv on soldier brain plus shooting her boyfriend in the head. She deserves an Emmy! I was watching the monitors soaking up all I could observe from her like a sponge


icon3I noticed you got to try some “Max Rager” which led to your epic transformation. You gotta tell me what was in it, was it an actual drink of some sort, or just water etc?


iconSuper Max was actually Redbull, or maybe Monster the energy drink with a customized label put on it. Luckily props was kind and drained the cans so we didn’t have to keep drinking energy drink take after take. I was very thankful as I’m super sensitive to caffeine, I might have actually turned into a Zombie!


icon3Now, did  you get to try some of the brains? Because seriously, I would be on that in a heart beat!


iconI didn’t actually get to try some of the brains. Brianna who was the other girl in the stairwell is actually a stunt girl. She’s worked on the show previously and from what I remember she mentioned almond milk, gelatin and strawberry. Now don’t hold me to it, I could be wrong!


icon3Were you able to rely on any of your previous experiences for this role, or was it a completely new territory?



iconIt was pretty new territory. For the Flash I was a part of the second unit and I was only there for two hours so it was very short and sweet. But with this It was three days on set, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. My coach Peter Benson who is a working actor in Vancouver, has given me tips and tricks that I was able to rely on as I was on set and in scenes. I also was learning as I went and my scene partners Raf and Chad had my back, if I had questions I knew I could ask them, or anyone really. Michael Fields the director was also wonderful to learn from and work with, he made me feel at ease and he made it fun, he’s a true legend. It was all a wonderful learning experience and I feel ready to take on more and more challenges as my career grows.


icon3Were you starstruck when meeting some of  your fellow cast members for the first time? 



iconFor me personally, being starstruck doesn’t really happen in the stereotypical fan girl way. I’m not that kind of person, as I realize they are just people doing the same job as me. But I am also a fan of their work so to a degree heck yes! I’ve been a fan of One Tree Hill for years and years, so in my head I was kind of freaking out about meeting Robert. He was super nice and polite and professional, really cool guy. I also was really excited to work with Chad Krowchuck who plays Wyatt. He had a small part in the Agent Cody Banks movie back in the day, and I loved that movie when I was younger. When I found out I was going to be working with him that’s immediately what I thought of and it was amazing. He has no idea as I never talked to him about it, so I guess cat’s out of the bag. Hi Chad, you rock, keep being awesome.


icon3Were Rose, or David able to help you get into your role?



iconI sadly didn’t get a chance to really work closely with Rose, as she was a busy lady, it being the season finale episode and all. I never got a chance to meet David either as my scenes didn’t intertwine with his. But maybe if they bring me back I will! I actually got the best zombie tips from the stunt team as they were pros at it! We had an entire team of stunts and we did a bunch of rehearsals so I got to perfect my freshie “give me brains now” side of Ginger. My stunt double Heidi deserves the credit on that scene though. She made me look kick butt attacking that guard and she did it in heals, she’s pretty much superwoman in my eyes.


icon3Well that definitely makes sense. There was so much going into that season finale even after watching it twice I still can’t get my head around it. It must have been intense on set!



iconSet was actually pretty relaxed from what I could tell But poor Rose was sleeping in between scenes. She works hard and deserves all the fans, and all the awards.



icon3And finally, is there any extra BTS info on what it was like to be a Zombie for a day?



iconContacts hurt! but actually they aren’t that bad. They do however give you tunnel vision and then everything else is red, so it really helps you get into the zombie mindset. One of the things that was different because I was playing a human before being a zombie, is they layered me in tanner. I am probably five shades darker on the show as a human than I am in real life. They do this one, because of the lights and two because there needs to be a contrast between the living and the dead in the show. But once I turned into a zombie they had to take me back to my normal colour. It’s sad my normal colour is practically zombie pale . It was an absolute fun time to pretend to bash someone’s head in hungry for brains, so all in all being a Zombie for a day is pretty awesome jobs.


Thank you for stopping by Natalie, it was a Pleasure! ❤

Ok, Zoms if you would like to get to know more about Natalie Farrow and what she’s up to make sure you hit up her website at her imdb and her twitter account @Farrow_Natalie


Was really fun chatting with Natalie, make sure you guys hit those links and show her some love! Also if you would like to get in touch with me, you can find me here at the nerdy girls, or on twitter @_JonathanWhite_ #iZombieSupportGroup or on my site

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