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Actress Ruth Connell plays a witch on The CW’s long-running hit series Supernatural which is appropriate since she has bewitched viewers with her portrayal of Rowena.

Playing the mother of Crowley the King of Hell, Connell joined Supernatural in Season 10.  Prior to Rowena’s appearance, Crowley had mentioned that he was the son of a witch and even performed a few spells during Season 8 when he sought leverage against Sam and Dean to stop them from closing the Gates of Hell.

Our first glimpse of Rowena was at the end of the episode “Soul Survivor.”  Who could forget the scene that saw the fiery-haired woman sitting calmly while a bloody body hovered overhead on the ceiling?  But it wasn’t until Rowena was revealed to be Crowley’s mother that her story line took off.

Ruth Connell and Mark Sheppard are perfect in their scenes together. They have amazing chemistry.  In fact, Ruth has great chemistry with all of her scene partners. Writing the character of Crowley’s mother into the show was a stroke of genius.  Through Rowena and Crowley’s interactions, we have learned more about why Crowley turned out the way he did (Rowena had abandoned him as a child).

I can’t imagine anyone else playing Rowena and thank Ruth Connell for bringing this multi-layered character to life.

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As Ruth Connell celebrates her birthday today, April 20, I’d like to wish her a happy one and continued success on Supernatural and with her career.

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