Happy Birthday #Reign ‘s @RachelSkarsten @MoreReign @CWReign via @stacyamiller85

Queen Elizabeth celebrates her birthday on April 23. No, I’m not talking about the Royal Monarch, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The queen I’m referring to is Queen Elizabeth on The CW’s Reign, Rachel Skarsten.

Rachel Skarsten joined the cast of Reign at the end of Season 2 as Elizabeth of England, who challenged Mary (Adelaide Kane) for the throne. Skarsten brings a quality to the role of Elizabeth that allows viewers to feel her passion for her country and kingdom. Her methods against Mary may paint Elizabeth as a villain, but Rachel Skarsten’s portrayal transcends good or evil character stereotypes. Elizabeth has loved and suffered loss.

I’m glad to have Rachel Skarsten as a part of the cast of Reign and looked forward to seeing Elizabeth grow in the remainder of the season and into next season.

On your birthday Rachel Skarsten, I wish you much happiness and continued success on Reign and in your career.

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