#HappyBirthdayEricKripke via @stacyamiller85 @therealKripke @WinFamBusiness

Eric Kripke is a super naturally talented writer.

If not for his vision, a show about two brothers traveling the country in a 1967 Chevy Impala fighting evil would have never come to pass. Supernatural fans will forever owe a debt of gratitude to Eric Kripke. He gave us Sam and Dean Winchester, heroes we could believe in, brothers who love each other above all else and will sacrifice everything (including their lives) for the greater good.

I’m sure the road to writing was probably filled pitfalls for Kripke, who might have had many rejections when submitting earlier work. But he refused to give up. A self-proclaimed nerd, Kripke believed in himself and used any doubt from naysayers about his writing to prove disbelievers wrong. Like his characters, The Winchesters, Kripke refused to back down from a challenge.

In addition to Supernatural, Eric Kripke has written numerous film and television scripts. He is also a talented director and executive producer.  Eric Kripke’s resume includes graphic novel writer.

So on this April 24, Eric Kripke’s birthday, I offer my sincere thanks for his contributions to entertainment. And also for showing that even if you are a nerd, never let anyone stop you from pursuing your dreams.

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