An Avenging Canary – Madison McLaughlin on #Arrow via @stacyamiller85 @MadisonMcLaugh @CW_Arrow

If anyone can play the role of a tough teen seeking justice, it’s actress Madison McLaughlin.

The former Supernatural guest star who played Krissy Chambers recently appeared as Evelyn Sharp on The CW’s Arrow.   Evelyn was a normal teen who’s family was murdered by Damien Dahrk.  She was determined to exact her revenge on him and tried to do so in the guise of The Black Canary, complete with Laurel’s sonic device to allow her to use the ‘canary cry.’  Oliver was determined to stop Evelyn from doing something she’d regret later and also from destroying all the good Laurel did for the city by turning The Black Canary into a killer and tarnishing her memory.

Madison has a depth in her acting that viewers know from her performances on Supernatural.  You can always feel her character’s pain and sympathize with her. Even though revenge is never a good thing, whether Krissy or Evelyn as played by McLaughlin, the viewer wants her to find closure.  But audiences also worry about her losing her soul in the process.

Madison McLaughlin plays the tough but sensitive teen perfectly.  You know her characters can take care of themselves but you also know that she shouldn’t do it alone. She needs guidance to save her from herself.

As a huge fan of McLaughlin’s, I’ve always enjoyed her on Supernatural and make sure I re-watch her episodes every time they repeat on TNT.  I’ve also been a strong advocate for a Supernatural spin-off featuring Krissy.  This may never happen but in the meantime, it was great seeing her on Arrow.

I wish Madison McLaughlin continued success with her career.

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